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Make complaints about the unscrupulous journalist, Gong Li Jiao, who had been in a big scandal.

2021-09-01 06:22:16 Life journey

There have been reports :

At the Tokyo Olympics , show “ The power of China ” There are also historic breakthroughs made by Chinese track and field athletes in many events . among , Gong Lijiao to refresh his best performance 20 rice 58 Won the gold medal in women's shot put , This is the first gold medal of the Chinese track and field team in the Tokyo Olympic Games , It is also the first Olympic gold medal in field events in China's track and field history . Dream by dream 21 year , Gong Lijiao realizes his dream of Tokyo , What she said in the post game interview “ People must have dreams ”, Bring strength to countless people .

After the game , Gong Lijiao wrote on social media that , The hard training of the past five years , All to fight this battle .32 Age is not an obstacle , Nothing is more worthy of persistence than a dream !

Netizens said : The Olympic Games have severely revised my aesthetics , Gong Lijiao made more people believe : beautiful , Not just a kind of .

Gong Lijiao said : I want more people to know about shot put , Know the of women's shot put “ China Era ”.

However , This is the Olympic champion who has been highly praised by the Chinese people , But it was maliciously interviewed by an unscrupulous reporter .

This unscrupulous reporter is from CCTV , His name is Lu You .

Let's see how she interviewed Gong Lijiao .

When I saw Gong Lijiao , Lu You just said :“ Gong Lijiao is the image of a female man in my heart .”

Gong Lijiao smiled , say :“ I just look like a woman , Actually , I'm still a little girl in my heart .”

Such an answer , Show the demeanor of an Aoyuan champion and a public figure . in fact , Gong Lijiao has a girl's heart , Such a topic , It is not appropriate to raise... On this occasion . Of course , The reporter's interview strategy , We can accept , however , The next thing shouldn't happen .

Lu You seems to disapprove of Gong Lijiao's answer , Ask directly :“ Do you have any plans for a girl's life in the future ?”

After listening to the questions , Gong Lijiao was stunned for several seconds on the spot , I didn't understand what the reporter said . Lu you explained again , Repeatedly mention “ The man ” The word .

The logical premise of this sentence seems that Gong Lijiao was not a girl before , No wonder Gong Lijiao was ignorant on the spot .

See Gong Lijiao don't speak , Thought she didn't understand , therefore , CCTV reporter Lu you explained :“ Because you used to shoot for the shot , She's a woman , You can be yourself in the future .”

The reporter's arrogance and ignorance , It's speechless , It seems that Gong Lijiao must retire after throwing this shot put .

Gong Lijiao is kind , On the contrary, I don't want to embarrass Lu You , He followed the reporter's words and answered :“ It depends on your own plan , If you really don't practice in the future , Just lose weight, get married and have children .”

CCTV photographer on one side , Obviously God assists , Asked by chance :“ You want to get married and have children ? Do you have a boyfriend ? What kind of boyfriend are you looking for ?”

Facing the personal questions raised by reporters , Gong Lijiao still answered patiently and seriously , However , The reporter continued :“ Actually , I think if you break your wrist with your boyfriend ……”


The process of things , You can watch videos about , We won't go into details .

What we want to say is , The reporter stimulated the interviewee's desire to express , Some strategies can be adopted , however , There's really no need to take personal problems to such an occasion and chatter endlessly . After all , You are CCTV , You're a high-end reporter . Now , You can interview Gong Lijiao's growth path , Then guide the audience to learn a person's character from Gong Lijiao 、 will 、 Dream, etc . What a good topic ! And inspirational , And warm heart , It can stimulate people's worship and yearning for the Olympic champion . A great CCTV reporter , Motherly , Like a country gossip , Prying into other people's privacy . Gong Lijiao has a good temper , Good manners , I didn't care about you . Gong Lijiao 32 Year old , Gong Lijiao as a shot putter , Need to have her figure requirements , It also needs her strength . But this is her major , Whether she wants to break her wrist with her boyfriend in life has a relationship of half a dime ?

Yes, of course , For a lively atmosphere , In this way, you can say a word or two , But there's no need to bite .

Probably , In the reporter's heart , Gong Lijiao is strong , clumsily , It's hard to get married , And she Lu You , You see , Slim , The weak willow is as graceful as the wind ……

But , How well netizens say : The Olympic Games have severely revised their aesthetics , Beauty is not just a kind of .

This reporter , Obviously, even ordinary netizens don't have the knowledge , I don't know how she got into CCTV .

Girls who don't want to be slim , But , Gong Lijiao for the cause of shot put , In an interview, I told myself , I used to lose weight successfully 30 Jin , However , After the drop in shot put , So I quickly increased my weight ……

This is a girl who has made great sacrifices for the country's sports cause , This in itself is an act of beauty .

There's more , No matter what choice Gong Lijiao makes in the future , It has nothing to do with reporters . Now? , Many girls choose to be single , Choose not to make do with . Gong Lijiao can also .

And the reporter chose , The first is to respect the interviewee .

I can see you , This reporter named Lu You , Obviously, he doesn't have the good quality of a reporter , From a real reporter , It's too far .

Netizens quickly conducted an in-depth search for her , The author found that Lu You's materials are very popular :

Some netizens picked out Lu You's “ The black material ” A lot of gossip . It is reported that , Lu You, a student at Communication University of China , After graduation, he became a professional football reporter 、 CCTV 《 Football night 》 Chief reporter , because 06 During the coverage of the world cup in Germany , With pure appearance and popular with foreign fans . After becoming famous , Lu You is frequently involved in gossip : First, 2008 year 1 month , By the host's wife Zhang Bin and Hu Ziwei in front of the national audience , At the CCTV news conference, Zhang Bin was scolded for having an affair with a media reporter , The spearhead is directed at Lu You , Insinuating that the other party is “ third party ”! Same year (2008)6 month , CCTV celebrity Huang Jianxiang posted another blog article entitled 《 The ugly talk is in front 》 The article , It suggests that Lu You has a relationship beyond work with former national football coach Dujkovic , It even leads to ectopic pregnancy . The news , Public opinion is seething with indignation , Although Huang Jianxiang did not name his name , But as soon as I heard it, it was CCTV5 Chief football reporter Lu You . after , Lu You sued his former colleague Huang Jianxiang in court , Think it infringes on their right to reputation . The embarrassment of the , After Lu you lost the first instance , Choose to continue the court of appeal , But the second time, the court also lost the case because of insufficient evidence . however , The judge also verbally criticized the defendant Huang Jianxiang , I think public figures should pay attention to their words and deeds . Lu You, who has repeatedly encountered peach storms , So far, popularity has plummeted 、 Not as good as before .

Because of such negative news , Lu You faded out of the football circle . Now? , Lu You turned to sports reporting . little does one think , This Olympic interview , Its performance and level , It's amazing again .

Ask people Gong Lijiao these messy questions , It's because I'm in a mess .

We salute Gong Lijiao !

We admire Gong Lijiao's Olympic champion demeanor !

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