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The double reduction policy considers a teacher's professional ethics

2021-09-01 06:22:31 Life journey

lately , See a piece of news ,《 Qianjiang Evening News 》8 month 6 The daily said that Cao Yiqun, a famous scientific teacher, announced that he had changed his career , Gorgeous turn from a famous scientific teacher , Become a calligraphy teacher .

We might as well dig deeply into who Cao Yiqun is .

Baidu introduces Cao Yiqun : Cao Yiqun , Science teacher of Hangzhou No. 13 middle school education group , The first prize winner of the new generation quality course competition in Zhejiang Province . While teaching in Hangzhou No. 13 middle school education group , Won the first place in high-quality courses in Zhejiang Province , No. 1 in quality courses in Hangzhou , First prize of high quality class in West Lake District , The first prize of Hangzhou innovation experiment competition .

Resume here is how to introduce Cao Yiqun :

2004-2011 Science teacher of Hangzhou No. 13 middle school education group : During teaching, he became a member of the network cooperation group of famous teachers in Zhejiang Province 、 Members of super class classroom and studio

2011-2012 Vice president of Hangzhou Feiyue training

2012-2013 Director of Hangzhou New Oriental teacher's Hall

2013-2014 Vice principal of Cherry Blossom school

2014- so far Start a class Determined to become the most stylish training institution in Hangzhou

It is not clear whether this teacher Cao is a special grade teacher , But as you can see from this resume , Mr. Cao from 2011 In, it began to move towards the education and training industry , This is an indisputable fact . in other words , This teacher Cao , I have been in the education and training industry for ten years .

Now? , The teacher changed careers again , Began to become a calligraphy teacher .

that , People must have questions first , This non professional calligraphy teacher , Can he write by himself ? I'm here to help you get rid of this question .

Every teacher , May have their own hobbies , Just like the author , My major is Chinese teacher in middle school , Amateur is a literary critic with a relatively thin reputation in China .

therefore , It cannot be ruled out that the respected Mr. Cao Yiqun is also an amateur calligrapher . such , He teaches calligraphy , There's nothing you can't do .

in other words , After Mr. Cao switched to calligraphy , May teach children well . There may be .

The problem is , Why can calligraphy survive , Just lock the calligraphy all at once ?

If one day , The education and training industry says that there can be cooking skills 、 The skill of killing dolphins ( That is, killing pigs ) Training , Is our teacher Cao also eager to turn to pig killing ?

There is another problem to worry about : This teacher Cao has no experience in calligraphy teaching , Can he teach well at first ? Anyway? , Calligraphy education is also education , Since it is the education industry , We must respect education . People who don't have a day's experience in calligraphy teaching , Do parents believe in such teachers ?

Actually , There is obviously another more serious problem here :

What is a teacher's professional ethics and professional ethics ?

When a teacher runs wherever he has money in the workplace , We can say , The teacher's professional ethics have all collapsed .

When a teacher is in the market just to make money , Be able to abandon your original career 、 When you switch to a business that can continue to make money , The teacher's professional integrity is similar to that of a small citizen 、 A philistine 、 There's no difference between a selfish villain .

Let such people be children's training teachers , Such people are the companions of children during their spiritual growth , Parents , Have you ever thought about it , How dangerous it can be .

Of course , This involves a question about the survival of teachers .

The education and training industry is yellow , Discipline training has stopped , It really makes a subject teacher face the crisis of survival .

however , There is one saying. , Say what you want , The point I want to make is , When a Chinese teacher teaches the beauty of sound and body , In fact, it is the same sorrow of education as a teacher of music, sports and beauty to teach Chinese , It is also the sorrow of a people's teacher's life .

Again , When a subject teacher stops cooking in the education and training industry , He turned to teaching calligraphy , I don't know whether this is insulting Chinese calligraphy or the whole education industry , Or , In insulting the famous teachers in Zhejiang Province where Mr. Cao is located and a super teacher studio in Zhejiang Province where he is located .

The introduction said , Cao Xianzai is really “ Walk into a track he has never set foot in —— Calligraphy training ”.

because ,7 month 30 In the document released by the general office of the Ministry of education on June, the categories of discipline and non discipline are clearly divided , Morality and the rule of law 、 Chinese language and literature 、 history 、 Geography 、 mathematics 、 Foreign Languages ( English 、 Japanese 、 Russian )、 Physics 、 chemical 、 Biology is managed by discipline . sports ( Or sports and health )、 art ( Or music 、 The fine arts ) Discipline , And comprehensive practical activities ( Including information technology education 、 Labor and technical education ) Etc. are managed according to non subject categories . And then , Mr. Cao can't wait to pull up three circles of friends , And they are all calligraphy circles .

because , Calligraphy training , It has become another way for him to make money .

“ Double subtraction ” It is bound to force some people to change careers , It will even lead some people into the unemployed . This is an indisputable fact .

But just like being a teacher for one day and a father for life , Once you become a teacher , A teacher's Ethics , The feelings of a cultural person cannot be discarded .

Abandoned professional ethics and cultural feelings , Such education and training , It can really be wiped out in the industry .

Relatively speaking , Xueersi's approach is respectful , There is news that , The senior management of XRS came to the staff meeting to express :“ As long as one student comes to class , We won't go bankrupt ”、“ We should be desperate people , Not a fugitive ”.

Last , Tell me about myself .

I am a Chinese teacher , I have worked silently in the education and training industry for ten years , Ten years . Now , Just face unemployment or re employment , And it's nearly 60 years old , It's sad , It is beyond the perception of the young Cao Yiqun . But just like when I joined the industry because I saw “ People also do training , Ghosts also do training ”“ People also teach Chinese , Ghosts also teach Chinese ” Then he went into business with anger , Want to change people's wrong cognition and judgment of the education and training industry , Now , We still stick to the language position , Engaged in Chinese teaching and research in our way , We will never withdraw from this field , Even if there is only one student , We will also work hard with a heavy load , Push forward .

This is an educational behavior determined by professional ethics .

This is an education industry determined by cultural feelings .

This is our business .

I will never change my profession to teach calligraphy , Although for me , Calligraphy is actually closest to Chinese ; For calligraphy , On the contrary, Chinese is a related subject . At least , I talk about calligraphy , For example, the evolution of Fonts 、 The story of a calligrapher 、 The work of a calligrapher 、 The literary works of calligraphy masters , For me, , It's an extremely easy thing .

Rao is so , I won't change my career .

This is my original intention .

Never change your mind .

I also remember my mission : I was born to teach Chinese . I work for Chinese , I become Chinese .

sorry , The last two sentences seem to be advertising for yourself .

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