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Prose catching fish

2021-09-01 06:27:45 Life journey

A few days ago, my friend sent me some fresh fish , Said it was just caught in Taihu Lake . It reminds me of going to the fields and ditches when I was a child 、 The scene of catching fish in the river .

It rains heavily in midsummer , The paddy field is rising rapidly , The turbulent water rushed into the ditch from the gap in the ridge , Roaring into the river , Huge water splashes . There are three or five groups of crucian carp in the river , Against the rapids , Jump from the river into the ditch , Desperate to swim to the rice field , Water people call it “ Water grabbing crucian carp ”.

At this time , Adults and children wear hats 、 In coir raincoat , Put the olive shaped bamboo cage in the ditch , Waiting for the fish to throw themselves into the net , Come down in about an hour , There is always a big harvest , The neighbors happily carried them home , Or braised crucian carp , Or boil crucian carp tofu soup , A strong smell of fish wafted from the kitchen , It's appetizing .

There is a pool of water bamboo near the river in my house , When there is a flood, the river drowns the Zizania Lake , When the river recedes , I knew there must be fish in the pond . I took the tools , I took a little friend from the village and came to the pond . We use wooden pails 、 The dung spoon struggled to pour the water from the pond into the river , See the pool slowly decreasing , The fish are frightened , Or swim fast , Or jump out of the water to escape , The mood is also excited . finally , The pool is completely drained , Fish can't swim flexibly in shallow mud . We're naked , Just wear a pair of underpants and rush into the pool , Laughing and shouting to catch fish , Fish have carp 、 Grass carp 、 Bream 、 Silver carp, etc , Unwilling to be caught , Just keep jumping 、 Jump , Splashing mud , It made our faces and bodies full of , Look at me 、 I see you , Burst into a burst of laughter .

All the visible fish were promoted , Only the little black fish 、 Crucian carp hide in the mud , We just played with our hands touching in the mud , Every time you touch one, hold it high to show the results , Like a clever soldier catching a cunning deserter .

Sometimes , We also went to the channel ditch 、 Catch fish in the ditch beside the rice field . The two ends of the channel ditch are first cut off with mud , Then drain the water with a dung spoon and catch fish , Although there are not as many fish in the canal as in the pool , The children are not happy , Every afternoon, I have been enjoying myself by the ditch in the field , I didn't go home until the sun set .

A hot day , The Temple Bank in front of the gate is a natural playground , Older children often soak in water all afternoon . I often take shrimp nets and shrimp sticks with my friends to catch fish . We came to the river , take off , Crept into the river naked , Hold the shrimp net with one hand , In the other hand, take a shrimp driving stick and drive it into the net , When the shrimp rod approaches the net , Lift the net quickly , The little fish and shrimp are obediently in the net .

Adults also tell us , It will be better to eat raw shrimps , The shrimp we caught were basically eaten by greedy children , My friends firmly believe that a fierce son plunges into the water , Hold your breath longer and longer .

I lived in poverty that month , Farmers usually eat rice , With a bowl of fried vegetables , It's not a lot of money , I'm greedy , Or relatives at home , Just try to catch fish , Make a tooth sacrifice . There is a busy farming season , My father's cousin came from Changshu to help with farm work , The family really can't afford decent food for my aunt , Parents are sorry .“ Mama , Ah, let me go to the river to catch fish .” I offered advice . Mother didn't object , Just be careful .

An abandoned boat stopped in the bank . I took off my clothes with my friends , Take a long bamboo pole , Go into the water and swim to the side of the boat , Climb the boat skillfully . Everyone is naked and arched , Put your feet against the side of the ship , Start trumpeting , Shake the boat desperately , Beat the water with bamboo poles with both hands . The boat beat left and right , Keep shaking , Waves rise in the river, higher than waves . We are like charging soldiers , Yelling at the top of his voice , The bamboo pole danced high and beat violently to the water , The sound of the bugle 、 The sound of hitting the water merged into a piece , huge . Underwater silver carp 、 The silver carp was very frightened , Two in a row and three high above the water , Some fell on the boat , Some fell on peanuts . The silver carp in the boat don't have to worry about escaping , Silver carp on peanuts , Climb over in time to catch , Or you'll jump into the water . A lot of peanuts are floating on the water , Climbing up is like going into a swamp , We pushed forward , Climb hard to the fish , Catch the silver carp excitedly , Hold high , Throw it into the cabin , And quickly climb to the next target to collect results , The inner excitement can't be described in words .

I gathered the fish my friends caught together , Distribute equally to everyone , Everybody take the results , Even take the high jump home happily , His face was filled with uncontrollable joy . When I carry a pair of silver carp , Come home to show your merit , Parents bloom a long lost smile , I can't hide my joy , Raise your thumbs together and praise me again and again :“ Ah man , Great skill !”.

Decades passed , The scene of catching fish as a child is replayed one after another , Like watching an old movie , As if it happened yesterday . Oh ! My boundless feelings , With a warm spring like memory , It has long been integrated into the river bank called Miaoqian village in the south of the Yangtze River 、 In the ditch .

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