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Walk into Lumu Old Street (I)

2021-09-01 06:27:47 Life journey

The model of Lumu old street was taken in the Royal kiln BRICs Museum

It is said that Lu Mu ( Originally called Lu tomb ) The old street should be transformed and upgraded into a world-class old street . I'm from Lumu. Since I started my business , I haven't been to the old street for more than 20 years , But everything there is still fresh in my memory , Now I don't know how , Thinking about her , He asked several students to walk into the old street .

Yesterday morning 8 Some more , From the factory , Old classmate Chen Furong teaches in Mudu senior high school , Living in Mudu town , I took him with me to .

Because I haven't been to the old street for many years , It's convenient to park the car there . My friend Xiao Lu told me , You can stop near the original Wuxian asbestos factory , There is a new road , According to Xiao Lu's instructions, he parked the car there . I also told two other old classmates , Park your car here too . But they have parked in the place where I used to work , Now it is on the parking lot of RT Mart supermarket .

On the soil of the South Bridge, Chen Furong starts from the left 、 Wu Huiliang 、 Shen Jingqing

Then they came to the former site of Wuxian asbestos factory again . The former site of asbestos factory is next to Xiatang South Bridge in Lumu old street , Now it is beyond recognition and has become a high-end residential community . There is a Blackhand shoemaker's shop in the south of Xiatang South Bridge , When I was a child, I followed my mother back to my mother's house and often passed by here , It's gone .

Look at the South Bridge from a distance , The south bridge has been surrounded by weeds, as if in weeds , It seems to be in a forgotten corner . Along the river, a dirty cement path came to the bridge , Follow the stone steps to the South Bridge , On the once smooth bridge deck , But many weeds grow in the stone cracks , Suddenly I felt sour in my heart .

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