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"Essays" good people and capable people

2021-09-01 06:27:53 Life journey

Walk in the morning , Listen to some idle books . This few days , I'm listening to those who have won the Mao Dun Literature Award 《 Zhang Juzheng 》.

This morning , After listening to the dialogue between Gao Gong and Zhang Juzheng about the candidates for governor of Guangdong and Guangxi , I think it's interesting .

During the Qinglong period of the Ming Dynasty , A popular uprising took place in Qingyuan Prefecture, Guangxi , Leader Wei Yinbao 、 Huang Chaomeng is bold and reckless , Led the rebels to kill officials and plunder the people , Attack the city and rob the stronghold , Cause a temporary clamour , The local governor has asked for soldiers and pay for years , It cost millions of liang of silver , The rebels are suppressing more and more , It is likely to start a prairie fire .

In order to solve the rebellion in Guangxi , The second deputy, Zhang Juzheng, put forward a motion to replace Li Yan as governor of Guangdong and Guangxi with Yin Zhengmao . Li Yan, the current governor of Guangdong and Guangxi, is a member of gaogongmen , Yin Zhengmao, governor of Jiangxi Province, was Zhang Juzheng in the same year , Each has its own relationship . Start , The first auxiliary high arch strongly disagrees , The reason is that Yin Zhengmao has military talent , But greedy , Can't be reused .

later , The military situation is more urgent , The rebels captured several more counties . Gao Gong also advocated punishing Li Yan , Yin Zhengmao was appointed governor of Guangdong and Guangxi , You can go to the front line of Guangxi to fight the rebels .

Around the removal of Li Yan and the opening of Yin Zhengmao , The two old cabinet members have a conversation , It is interesting to .

Li Yan's advantage is that he has a heart for the government , Report what happened . But this man is not a military talent , He is a good player in playing and writing , map out a strategy 、 It's not his long way to win . As for winning and killing , Punish evil and abuse , More than his ability . Be a governor , Futai press the table , Li Yan has no problem , But when a governor of the Weizhen armed forces , It's really hard .

Yin Zhengmao loves money , Greedy , On character , Nature is far inferior to Li Yan . But there are some military talents , In terms of war and deforestation , Far better than Li Yan .

Good people don't necessarily accomplish great things , A good man is not necessarily a good official , Compared with Yin Zhengmao , Li Yan is a good man . But he served as governor of Guangdong and Guangxi , Supervise the front line for half a year , The banditry became more and more serious . Yin Zhengmao is not a good man , But he is a capable man . Enable Yin Zhengmao , It's a must .

From the perspective of problem solving , Li Yan asked the soldiers to pay , It cost the imperial court millions of liang of silver , Wasted silver , Wasted time , Banditry is even more serious . From the perspective of performance , Some waste and inefficiency are more terrible than corruption . After Yin Zhengmao took office , If he can wipe out the bandits within the specified time limit , On the basis of the military expenditure he needs, an additional 200000 Liang , Prepare him for greed . Even if he embezzled 200000 liang of silver , Can calm the riots , It's also cost-effective .

traditional ideas , Choose and employ people , When virtue comes first . After reading the analysis of the two cabinet elders , It feels like Yin Zhengmao replaces Li Yan , There seems to be some truth .

The core and key issues of Management , Is to employ people . He has available talents with both political integrity and ability , Of course it's best , A lot of times , There are still some differences in people's virtue and talent , Selection and employment , There are many things to consider .

occasionally , Need to weigh size and priorities . The premise is that the defects and faults of the people used must be controllable and tolerable , Good people, bad people , There is a problem of degree .

Just as an aside , By my standards , Yin Zhengmao is not a good man , Li Yan 、 High arch , Even Zhang Juzheng , Not even a good man .

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