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The one who divorced in anger (16)

2021-09-01 06:28:02 Life journey

“ Pa Pa ......” A voice full of milk flavor , It was the little girl of the Yuan Dynasty who woke up . The child is not well except , Rarely cry , It's very quiet after an hour , And mom and dad's hot temper , In sharp contrast , They always guess who the girl looks like .

The Yuan Dynasty took Mengmeng from Liu Yun's arms , The child stood on his legs , Keep looking out the window , The eyes don't seem to be enough . Near the county , There are more vehicles , There are more buildings , There are more colorful colors .

Mengmeng keeps jumping up and down , Wave your little hand and point around , Look back and talk to mom and Dad , Keep saying those limited words . Hear mom and dad's praise , Just look up and laugh , I'm so excited !

The Yuan Dynasty looked at Meng Meng , The heart will be warmed . Meditation : I'm taking the wench's insight , When one day developed , Be sure to put the best , All for me, Meng Meng .

Near noon , For more than 40 minutes , Finally to the county bus station . Out of the station , The Yuan Dynasty stopped a three wheeled caravan , It's cheaper than a taxi .

It'll be there in ten minutes , Liu Yun looked at the door “///* Law firm ” A few words , Another taste surged into my heart . This is a place for cultural people , This is where knowledge makes money , After all, I missed !

Zhang Jun saw three members of the family , Go out immediately to meet . A few greetings , Took a taxi , Towards Xiguan Street . After a while , The car leaned against a farmer's market and stopped , The Yuan Dynasty thought Zhang Jun wanted to buy vegetables , I didn't want to, but I went somewhere .

Follow Zhang Jun through the noisy farmers' market , Enter the back alley , It's a low two-story residential building , Narrow roadway , Wet and dirty environment , It's out of tune with the brilliance of the county city .

Took a few turns , Enter a door opening , Go up the second floor along the external iron stairs , Every step , Stairs “ Bang Bang Bang ” The noise of . Upstairs is a row of houses , Every wooden door is sprayed with room number , The view on the second floor is very open , There is plenty of sunshine .

Zhang Jun went to 206 Front door , Stop and push open the door , Make a gesture , Let the Yuan Dynasty an advanced . Menli head , Simple one room, one living room , The bedroom can look directly at , Take in everything in a glance . There is a small kitchen next to the bedroom , Zhang Jun's lover Li Jiao is busy . Hear something , Rub your hands with an apron , He hurried out to meet people .

“ Here it is... Here it is , At last ! Handsome guy, don't ask , It must be Huo Yuan Dynasty ; The beauty must be Liu Yun , Ha ha ha , No more , My ears are cocooned ......” Although Li Jiao is a city girl , The same easygoing , Hearty laughter , It broke the prudence of the Yuan Dynasty !

Zhang Jun asked people to take their seats , Take Meng Meng in the arms of the Yuan Dynasty , Pick up a piece of bread and play with the children , Liu Yun naturally followed Li Jiao to the kitchen .

“ well , What should I call you , Call sister-in-law , Afraid to call beautiful women old , Why don't we all call you by your first name , Listen to me .” Liu Yun washed his hands , While chatting with Li Jiao .

“ I think so , The name is more direct . by the way , cloud , What are you , I'm a rabbit , Born in June .” Li Jiao responded .

“ I am a tiger , And a sign of the Yuan Dynasty .”

“ You two were tigers in the Yuan Dynasty , Zhang Jun belongs to cattle , ha-ha , We are about the same size .”

“ Charming , How many friends does Zhang Jun have in your family ?”

“ Friends do , But brought home , It's your first time .”

“ Oh my god , It's such an honor , I thought you had a lot of friends in town !”

“ His business , fair-weather friends , Related households , All work needs . Zhang Jun, he doesn't like socializing very much , Basically, I came back to read .”

Women are born talkers , Especially lively people , There are always endless words together . Speak without delaying cooking , For a kung fu , Six dishes and one soup , Just add delicious rice .

Li Jiao asks Zhang Jun to open the folded small square table , Two people drink and sit in a small horse , Lesbians sit on the sofa , The simple and warm family party began !

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