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1314 love speech

2021-09-01 06:42:10 Photography

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Sitting in front of the computer , Accidentally found Gu Hao's song ——《 Love is not so beautiful 》. Twenty years ago , I've heard this song , The long-awaited melody and sad lyrics , Evokes some kind of sleeping memory . That year , In order to earn enough tuition , When the new year is coming , I ran to the fire brigade out of town , Started working as a farmer's contract worker .

        In the car where the fire broke out for the first time , I heard this song for the first time . at that time , When you are young , Love is full of fantasy and expectation , But reality reminds me , Romance needs capital , For people who have become a pressure to survive , Love is just a sweet , And painful luxury .

      After college , Love and marry like others , Watching my son grow up every day , More and more can't get used to too sad love plays , For too sweet words , Also basically lost the ability to appreciate , Only in a serious and careful look at his wife's increasingly yellow face , Can occasionally think of the word love .

Love is mostly a matter of two people , Party A and Party B wear self-made glasses , Amplifying each other's strengths , Look all the way down , You can sign , A treaty of long-term friendship , If more people are involved , Things will become very cumbersome , Marathon negotiation , It can even cause an indefinite delay in the talks , But love without the participation of outsiders , Not all can be perfect , A decision that has not been fully prepared , It's easy to be awakened by the cold water of reality .

      Cold and rainy night , The anguish that no one can talk about , Only the heart that swallows tears and pretends to be happy knows . Love is blind , But it also needs to be in the hot and sweet , Go out and blow the cold wind , Stand high and look back at yourself , What kind of person did you choose , In fact, what kind of love to choose , Is choosing what kind of life .

Love begins with liking , Learn more about , Moved and solid , When it seems drunk but not drunk , Before you can enter the gate of the Siege . Premarital love is a feeling , More in words , Can be excited by a bunch of roses , It's like looking forward to the new year as a child , It seems that children who love sweets see candy , Even if you have lost your teeth sweetly , Coughing can't sleep , Still desperately want .

      Love after marriage is a need , More in action , Because when you walk into the house , A cup of hot tea or a good meal , And tenderness everywhere , Infinite honey , But in any case, you can't be as hot and crazy as before marriage , It's like someone who has diabetes , Even if how addicted to sugar , Also be moderate .

When love comes to an unfathomable height , They usually make their own crystals —— children . When this “ third party ” When it appears , Many parties will be a little confused , If you have children before marriage , Some will extinguish love , If you have children after marriage , Basically, it will sublimate love .

      When a child is born, love lacks flowers , Instead, dirty diapers , Vows are not often chanted , Some children cry in the middle of the night , A dreamy comfort .

      thereafter , Originally silent “ The world of two ” Will gradually break into a lot of people and things , Father's stomach hurts , Mother began to lose her temper often , My father-in-law lives in the hospital again , My mother-in-law often puts rice in a water tank , Wait for the rice to be cooked . Men have to travel for half a year , Women will be laid off if they fail to compete for employment …

        The man began to daze at the wine bottle , The woman began to paint desperately in the mirror . A romantic wife occasionally says :“ What gift do you give me on Valentine's Day , Do you still love me , Will you go out with me ?” Tired and impatient husbands will say :“ What are you doing? You , ask again , Irritated and bored , Go out and buy clothes again ! I'm tired , Go to bed !”

      The baby's tender cry , It can strengthen men's fighting spirit of entrepreneurship and struggle , Will make a woman's loving motherhood , More incisively and vividly , Love at this time is written in , The man held the baby in his arms , On the bottle a woman gives her child .

      The love after marriage basically bid farewell to the romance , What's more, it becomes a heavy responsibility , This is closer to reality , Premarital love is a bird flying freely , Love after marriage is in the mill , A donkey spinning and running tirelessly .

Many people are yearning and longing , Can have an earthshaking love story happen , The most perfect, real and cherished love , Where is it ? The determination of the lovers on the Titanic , Let a lot of people sigh . The vigorous love between Xiang Yu, the overlord of Chu, and Yu Ji , For one thousand years , Few people can surpass . The story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai's life and death , To this day , But how many infatuated partners , You can dance on the stamens ?

      Is perfect love , It must end in tragedy , Then why should we love ?

Love is not so beautiful , That's not the whole of life , Because of love, we should be stronger , The irony is , The most perfect love , We often turn a blind eye . Marx's love lacks a solid material foundation , His Yanni has been hungry almost all his life , Their children died because they had no money for medical treatment , But they let more hungry people , See the light , Realized the dream .

      Who is qualified to talk about what is the most perfect love , Where is she ?

      An ordinary couple , Sit silently in front of the window where the sunset has fallen , A silver haired husband , Slowly shake the wheelchair , Slowly approach Ann's wife sitting nearby . The husband raised his hand , Point to the sunset , My wife got up slowly , Put a dress on your husband , Open the door , They ushered in a fresh evening wind …

      Maybe in their silent conversation , Telling the simplest 、 The most real emotion , Maybe this is the so-called perfect love ……

        This article was written in 2009 year 4 month 21 Japan .

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