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2021-09-01 06:43:47 Life journey

Get up in the morning , The cool wind of early autumn , It has a bone penetrating meaning . The yellowish sunlight slanted into the window , Dense into a bright color . There is a cool breeze , Just so soft , Peep into the room , Bring you endless stretch , Endless pleasure , The air is filled with the smell of memories ……

The sun, the moon and the years , The dusty memory is just for a moment , All open . We are always in the same familiar taste , Different spaces , There will be no reason in my mind to gently button the door of years , Trying to turn back to the old days , Soothe the shrinking heart .

The rustling poplars , Shaking silver light in the autumn wind , Hula, clap your little palm . therefore , The sand in front of us is full of autumn : Endless green peanut fields , Yellow bean seedlings swaying in the wind , Corn with a red tassel , The heroic sorghum , The agate like big red jujube accidentally smiled and fell the dew in the morning , It's like honey dripping down …… The swift and green little grasshopper suddenly flew from the grass to the clouds , The dragonfly vibrated its wings as thin as gauze , Spread your wings steadily in the air …… Farmers hoe into the field , Intercropping 、 stop yearning . Tired, wipe the sweat on your forehead , Then turn around and have a look at the lush peanut seedlings , Imagine the fertile peanuts under the land , It seems to see a bumper harvest , They are smiling , Bitter but happy , This is a 70 Portrayal of most farmers in the s , The market economy has not spread to remote rural areas , There was no Internet , There is no tide of working , everything , poverty , contentment , Leisure and busyness change with the changes of the four seasons , The days are long , Like a trickle , Into the long river of history ……

“ Crackle , Crackle ” A whiplash of gunfire interrupted my thoughts . There are happy events in the community , Yesterday I saw that the manhole cover downstairs was completely sealed with red paper , These days firecrackers are blaring , I think the bride has already put on her wedding clothes , Got into the car , It's not hard to imagine , Surrounded by relatives , The welcoming motorcade , A beautiful bride , The high spirited bridegroom was all shrouded in a festive atmosphere . All of a sudden , Think of years ago , I once dressed in red on a winter morning , Wearing a wedding dress , In the midst of firecrackers , In Yang Yuying's sweet song, he entered the man's house …… In a flash , Time actually 20 For many years , My daughter will soon reach the age when I was married , My son is as tall as me . Think about it , A smile came out of the corners of his mouth , life , That's about it ! The old people often say , the dazzling human world with its myriad temptations , What others do, what we do , But , How did time disappear in an instant ?

My son often pesters me about my childhood recently , When my sister was a child , Even when he was a child . All of you , There is always endless curiosity and nostalgia for the past , With or without memory , Is it nostalgia for time ? In the early autumn wind , I can only cry ……

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