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What is true harmony

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What is true harmony

Harmonious family 、 harmonious society 、 A harmonious country and even a harmonious world , The most basic thing is a harmonious body and mind , Match word to deed 、 faithful , Seek truth, goodness and beauty , Even each is beautiful 、 Beauty and common .

Harmony is not apparent uniformity 、 keep on good terms , Harmony is an ecosystem , Personal physical and mental harmony 、 Social harmony between people 、 Natural and biological harmony 、 Harmony between countries , Form a virtuous circle , Not a vicious pattern of mutual harm .

Chinese wisdom and harmony culture , The harmony of yin and Yang produces everything , The five elements are mutually reinforcing , Turn opposition into unity , Turn conflict into harmony , Not to completely eliminate the other side of the contradiction , But the transformation of the unity of opposites between the two sides of the contradiction , Keep steady and make progress .

The world is made up of matter , Matter is moving , Movement is regular , So the material world is knowable . And movement is the process of the long struggle between the two sides of the contradiction , Harmony is this development trend of steady progress .

Harmony is not a superficial harmony 、 Good people prevail , Harmony is a sober judgment of the situation of making progress while maintaining stability 、 Accurate regulation , The wisdom and art of facing and solving contradictions without breaking them , And have the strength to overcome extreme events .

What is true harmony

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