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Rereading the old man and the sea (6)

2021-09-01 06:59:17 Life journey

《 The old man and the sea 》 The most classic sentence appeared after the old man defeated the first shark . That's what the old man said : A man can be destroyed but not defeated. This sentence has been quoted by many people , To prove that the old man has “ A tough guy ” The spirit of . Express... In Chinese , It means : One can be destroyed , But not defeated . The third time it rushed at the big fish was the shovel shark . It has a huge mouth , The old man let it bite the big fish first , Then stab it in the head with a knife tied to the oar . This time, , The battle was soon over , But the old man's blade also has a rolling blade . There were no sharks for some time after that . however , The old man is tired :‘You're tired, old man,' he said. ' You're tired inside.' (“ Old fool , You're tired ,” He said .“ Even the bones inside are tired .”) Dusk falls , Another shark swam towards the boat . Two this time :The old man saw the brown fins coming along the wide trail the fish must make in the water. They were not even quartering on the scent. They were headed straight for the skiff swimming side by side.He jammed the tiller, made the sheet fast and reached under the stern the tern for the club. It was an oar handle from a broken oar sawed off to about two and a half feet in length. He could only use it effectively with one hand because of the grip of the handle and he took good hold of it with his right hand, flexing his hand on it, as he watched the sharks come.The two sharks closed together and as he saw the one nearest him open his jaws and sink them into the silver side of the fish, he raised the club high and brought it down heavy and slamming onto the top of the shark's broad head. He felt the rubbery solidity of bone too and he struck the shark once more hard across the point of the nose as he slid down from the fish.The other shark had been in and out and now came in again with his jaws wide. The old man could see pieces of the meat of the fish spilling white from the corner of his jaws as he bumped the fish and closed his jaws. He swung at him and hit only the head and the shark looked at him and wrenched the meat loose. The old man swung the club down on him again as he slipped away to swallow and hit only the heavy solid rubberiness.'Come on, ' the old man said. ' Come in again.'The shark came in in a rush and the old man hit him as he shut his jaws. He hit him solidly and from as high up as he could raise the club. This time he felt the bone at the base of the brain and he hit him again in the same place while the shark tore the meat loose sluggishly and slid down from the fish.The old man watched for him to come again but neither shark showed. Then he saw one on the surface swimming in circle. He did not see the fin of the other.( The old man saw the brown shark fins swimming along the wide marks that the fish had to leave in the water . They didn't even stop looking for the smell . They came straight to the boat side by side . He controlled the tiller , Fasten the sail rope , Put your hand in the stern and take out the stick . This is a handle sawn from a broken oar , About two and a half feet long . Because the grip is too short , He had to use it effectively with one hand . He watched the shark swim , Hold the paddle handle tightly with your right hand . Two sharks pressed on . When he saw the shark nearest him, he opened his mouth , Bite into the silver belly , Just raise the stick high , Hit it hard , Hit the shark's wide head . He felt the rubber like tough shark bone . While the shark slides off the fish , He hit the tip of the shark's nose with another stick . This is Kung Fu , Another shark came and slipped away , Now he comes back with his mouth open . He hit the fish straight , Close your mouth , The old man could see white fish coming out of the corner of his mouth . He waved the handle at the shark , Only hit him in the head . The shark looked at him , He tore the meat out of his mouth . As he turned away and swallowed the fish , The old man waved the handle again , Hit him , But it only hit the thick surface like a rubber layer .“ Come on ,” The old man said ,“ Come here again .” The shark rushed over . The old man hit him as he closed his jaws . He plays very hard , The handle of the oar is raised as high as possible . This time, , He felt the bones at the bottom of the shark's brain , Hit again in the same place . The shark slowly tore the meat apart , Slipped off the fish . The old man waited for him to come again , But neither shark showed up . Then he saw a shark making a circle on the water . And the other one , I don't even see fins .)

The fight between the old man and the shark is still not over . On the third night , More sharks come in droves . The old man can't see them at all , Their position can only be judged by their swimming and swallowing sound , With the only paddle handle in his hand, he made a nearly desperate blow . Last , The handle of the oar was bitten by a shark , Fall into the sea , The old man lost his weapon completely . On subsequent voyages , As the fish has been torn by the shark, there is little left , The old man gave up and continued to deal with sharks :

He sailed lightly now and he had no thoughts nor any feelings of any kind. He was past everything now and he sailed intelligently as he could. In the night sharks hit the carcass as someone might pick up crumbs from the table. The old man paid no attention to them and didn't pay any attention to anything except steering.( He sails easily now , Without any thoughts , No feelings . He has left everything behind now , Just sail as intelligently as possible . Sharks still attack big fish bodies at night , It's like someone picking up bread crumbs from the table . The old man ignored them , Except steering , He is no longer interested in anything .)

《 The old man and the sea 》 It's a tragedy . It describes a lonely old man , He faced greedy and ferocious sharks . Although he did everything , Show your noble character in the face of adventure , But the end result , But it was a complete failure . Some commentators say ,《 The old man and the sea 》 With profound symbolism , Among them, the old man symbolizes mankind , Sharks symbolize suffering . There is a certain truth to this . But the interpretation of literary works can never be done in one word , You can explain it like this , Others can explain that , As the saying goes : A thousand readers, a thousand Hamlets . therefore , I used such a long space to introduce 《 The old man and the sea 》, However, there are few words about the description techniques and the meaning behind the images , Main cause , I just want readers to find out , Lest I mislead . Suddenly remembered a famous saying by American writer Faulkner : I never read a critic's article . They are right , But never write a decent novel . I don't want to be a critic despised by Hemingway .

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