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Autumn picture scroll

2021-09-01 07:23:13 Photographic travel works

galsang flower

          1.《 Out of the water, gesan 》

  The autumn lake is clear , Flat wide sky mirror .

  Gesanru takes a bath , The makeup is new .

Red Chrysanthemum

              2.《 Red Chrysanthemum 》

  Chunfang picked li , Summer lotus is more beautiful .

  There are thousands of autumn flowers , Red chrysanthemum is the most strange .

The grass ears are like red bunches

              3.《 The grass 》

  Spring dyed the earth green , Summer Maoqian road is gloomy .

  The autumn wind never grows old , There are red flags everywhere .

Red leaf maple

                4.《 autumn scenery 》

          Green leaves are silk, frost is pen ,

          Dip in autumn and write autumn .

          Draw a panorama .

          Everywhere beautiful, everywhere strange .

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