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2021-09-01 07:43:22 Photography

Every six months , Back where I was born —— Shazhangpo .

It's a path down the road , It's about... From the road 200 rice . The fork with the highway is just a narrow bridge , Next to it is an abandoned house , Fortunately, there is a piece of land suitable for parking .

This time back , New changes have taken place in my hometown , Every family ate tap water , There are public toilets near the road , These come from the love of the motherland .

Climbing 100 m , Then you can see a tall and straight osmanthus tree , Standing by the stilted building , It's like a tree door leading to my hometown , It tells me that I am about to arrive at my hometown . Go up again , See rows of tiled houses , The path is full of trees , There are lots of trees 、 plum trees 、 Peach tree 、 And a small bamboo forest . Through the woods, you will reach the eaves of your hometown , This is a house made of wood and stone .

There are several cool places , The flat ground of cement board is suitable for cooling in the morning and evening , It can also be used to dry crops , The upper railing can be used to dry clothes ; There is also a tile roofed house under the eaves, which is suitable for everyone to enjoy the cool 、 having dinner 、 Chat , My aunts and I will sit here and rest as soon as we arrive at our hometown .

Grandparents still live in their hometown , There is also a family living here , Not with solitude , Family members often go back to their hometown to see , Look at the old man . My grandparents in their eighties are also in good spirits , Especially my grandfather , I go to the market in town almost every day 、 Stroll around .

Many plants grow around the tile roofed house , They have their own vegetables and wild grass . One of the great advantages of living in the countryside is growing vegetables in their own yard , You can eat seasonal vegetables , There are many fruit trees beside the yard , Count it down : Peach 、 Plum 、 Loquat 、 kiwifruit 、 grapes 、 Hua Hong 、 Cherry 、 grapefruit , It's rich ; Go to the yard and pick fresh vegetables , Plant it every season , Pick your own vegetables when you want to eat them .

Because of road construction , The pond beside the tile roofed open space dried up . The pond in memory is rectangular , Raised fish and small loach , I caught fish with my brothers and sisters when I was a child , Now there are only memories , People always move forward .

Ten days apart , I went back to my hometown , Grandparents are standing in front of the door , Looking at the intersection, I saw me . This time, , I came with a friend , I'm seeing my uncle picking grapes on the eaves , Fresh and ruddy , It tastes super sour , I can't help shivering , being at a loss what to do .

............ Demarcation line

More than a year has passed since the last time I was in shazhangpo , Now I am thousands of miles away in Hangzhou .

What I miss most this summer is my hometown . The mountains and forests of my hometown 、 Weeds, , The square in the town , I especially miss the snacks in my hometown , Bean skin ; I especially want to eat Zhao's Stewed roast duck and dried tofu .

The partner I played with last year , This year's Dragon Boat Festival has been married , Married to the county , Later, I saw her in my circle of friends as if she had gone to Beijing for her honeymoon .

Are both good , Everyone is moving forward .

Now , I'm still wandering in Hangzhou , I don't know when it will start .

I hope this year's epidemic will not be serious , I really want to go back to my hometown , Return to the embrace of hometown .

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