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The last few small things are really lucky

2021-09-01 07:48:37 Photography

1. Blue sky and white clouds

I like the tolerance of the blue sky , I also like its profundity and mystery .

Like a little white clouds dotted in the blue sky , Blue and white are so harmonious and beautiful .

A man should learn the inclusiveness of the blue sky , Don't look at people and things with a color mirror , To reflect a person's demeanor .

Look at the strengths of others , Don't judge others' gains and losses .

Someone who can affirm others , It must be someone who sees far and goes far .

2. The moon and trees

In the deep night sky , The moon is so bright , It's so round again .

Persistence in the night sky , Naturally, loneliness is indispensable , fortunately , And the company of trees .

Although I always feel that the moon is lonely , But it always lights up those who come home late .

So it never feels wronged , That's what it's worth .

3. Plumeria rubra

Simple five petals , Yellow and white .

This yellow and white combination , It really means egg yolk and protein .

It's a solitary flower , Full of elegance and nobility .

People can't help but want to explore its mystery .

4. Walls and green leaves

Behind the branch is actually an unpainted wall ,

But the blue and white on the wall , Like blue sky and white clouds .

It's cold in my hometown in winter , But still can't stop the green opening .

These green leaves , It really adds some vitality to the wall .

5. Platform and rain

The rain kept ticking down , Stopped the pace of moving forward .

Home is just opposite , But it's hard to move .

Shenzhen in July is really a rainy season .

Go for a walk in the park in the morning , After taking a walk, there was a violent storm .

Fortunately, the bus stop can take shelter from the rain , From the rain .

I took a picture of , Commemorating the glory of the platform at this moment .

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