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City burial

2021-09-01 08:13:08 Literary frequency modulation

        The years are clear and the floating world , Shi Shen is affectionate in his old age , Wide and narrow lanes into the city , Will love the landscape . At the time , In the other way , The feeling city is buried in the numerous world and exists outside the numerous world .

        The rain moistens the sky , Curtain cage quiet city ; The shadows of the trees are heavy , Distant mountains . Rain and dew return travelers , Dim yellow Yingshi Street . The deep lane is quiet , The light and shadow are mottled , There was no sound . Only the rain touches the carving and makes a slight sound , The wind blows the branches and leaves and smells a little .

        Sitting alone in the deep courtyard , Copper swing , Rain hits banana leaves , Earth paste leaves fragrance , Nongliu Yingqiao , Black tile white brick , Like Jiangnan calligraphy and painting . Avoid the clutter of the market , The sound of insects , Misty rain in late summer , Gradually go away .

        The rain cleanses the world , Let go of the flashiness , Let the rain blow on my face , This place of peace , Come out of the world . Heart travel between mountains and rivers , Love spreads all over the world , Solitary man , Small town , Innocence . Stroll in it , The spirit of the city of God , The reality of emotional life .

        Recalling the early summer days , Ginkgo biloba is green , Lin huazhenghong . Build the top of huangze , Overlooking the city under the sun , The Mountains lie in the clouds . Jialing slow flow , Twists and turns go far , Silence on four sides , Divide the old and the new on the river bank . OK, red light, green wine , Listen to the noise of singing and dancing , Walking in a hurry , The sky is dim . The sound of the crowd is mixed and the light and shadow reflect each other , In terms of complexity , Better than prosperity ; Face with narrowness , Give up the atmosphere . The essence of light and shadow scattered simplicity , Cover it with dust , Fade it with floating color . Sing along the Jialing River , Lonely old city , A little neon light ; Stand with your back to the tall building , Far away from the noise . People sit idle , The delicious food is fragrant ; Wine is full of bottles , Accompanied by the river view ; Changran night drink , Isn't it fun ?

        Sad husband ! Every time I read the past, people drink and raise , Ten thousand poems , Drink a thousand cups of wine , Indulge in mountains and rivers , Drink with a candle . Under the sunset , Before the mountains . The love of the city is not as strong as that of this world , It is lighter than the dust of today , Disappeared by modern people . I only regret the scenery of this world , And the situation of the past people ! This thing is extremely necessary .

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