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2021-09-01 08:13:23 Literary frequency modulation

  Whether it's a movie or a novel , There will always be such a thrilling scene : The protagonist of justice has turned to decline , On the verge of failure , The villains are complacent , Tell the truth about his almost genius crime process , Finally become the evidence after the protagonist turns defeat into victory . Of course, this plot is for “ happy reunion ” The ending needs , But watching too much can not help but make people laugh :“ Ah , This man is really stupid —— Ah !”

  When I was a child, I always thought it was too fake , Unwilling to see , Now I know “ Out of the mouth comes evil ” It's solid reality . Think carefully , How much trouble is due to the promise made at one time ? How many people have been harmed by the cruel words left behind in a moment of arrogance ?“ Silence is gold ”, It's this old teaching , Ancient wisdom .

  Say less , If you're not bad .

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