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No one has to leave

2021-09-01 08:13:25 Literary frequency modulation

No one has to leave

For the rest of my life, I stumbled to

Always standing at the parting fork

Farewell to the green years

Also tasted the warmth and coldness of the world

Bid farewell to the dusty journey of yesterday

Understand what is painful

The journey continues

Even if the green silk is frosted, it is still a traveler

Mountains, rivers and lakes still have a dream distance

I have a lot of worries, but I live in love and fetters

Autumn is beautiful , The breeze is cool

I said goodbye to all things and still can't let you go

In this small southern town

Finally there was a window facing south

The moonlight is gentle , The southern sound is diffuse and flowing

Maybe you never go far , Dancing like a butterfly

I haven't learned to say goodbye to a poem

And you are such a sweet song

Between mountains and rivers

Deep in the years

No one has to leave

But poetry can stay together longer

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