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Dark sky

2021-09-01 08:18:47 Photography

So there is no colorful cloud and blue sky background , Only the black temptation is unscrupulously hovering around the cloud .

The earth is also in a coma, preparing for sleep , As if everything is waiting quietly . No wind, no rain , As if they don't belong here , Whether to expect tomorrow to come and break out .

The silent sand is thinking , The cloud is also thinking , The air seems to condense into a cover , I don't know what to do next .

The shadow of the cloud falls on the earth to tell it , I have no idea , Just look at your needs ; The air cover tells the earth that I'm protecting your peace here , Afraid of wind and rain , Destruction scene .

It's getting darker and darker , Open your fingers and see only small with light and shadow “ The hills ”, Tick tock time is walking its own way in an orderly way , I don't know. I'm still afraid of the dark , As if slowing down in consciousness . But it's still getting dark , Until there is no light or shadow in the lens .

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