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Guided learning -- 3. Common types of students with poor academic performance

2021-09-01 08:19:39 Life journey

Teacher he Yaojun has been engaged in education all his life , After retirement, continue to use waste heat to warm more flowers . This article is excerpted from 《 The sun / Rain and dew / Seedlings 》, The book was published in 2011 year 7 month . 3、 Common types of students with poor academic performance

Poor student performance seems to be a worry for many parents . They look for ways to solve the problem everywhere in the mood of being rushed to hospital . I think to solve the problem , First of all, we should make it clear that students' academic performance is not good , What is the cause of , And then we can prescribe the right medicine , solve the problem . So , According to the reality , I classify students with poor academic performance into the following five common types :1、 Lack of confidence ;2、 Powerless ;3、 Improper method ;4、 Information is missing ;5、 Energy dispersive .

The main manifestation of the lack of confidence type is , Lack of confidence in learning a subject well , Think you're stupid , Not for learning ; It is natural that other students do well , Their poor grades are also born ; I can't learn well anyway , You can learn as you like . One reason for the lack of confidence is that the original foundation is poor , Second, I have suffered setbacks in my study , Third, there is dependence .

The main manifestation of weak power type is , I lack initiative in the process of learning , Learn to take a task perspective , Parents can do whatever they are told to do , The teacher can do whatever he is asked to do , Equate learning with completing homework . In addition to the learning tasks assigned by parents and teachers , I don't want to do more . One of the reasons for weak motivation is that the purpose of learning is not clear , Second, the interest in learning is not strong , Third, because of the pressure of learning , Tired of learning .

The main manifestation of improper method is , Although I study hard , But because I don't know that each subject has different learning methods , Always use the same way to learn , The result is often twice the effort and half the effort ; Usually lack of plans for their own study , Will not organize and arrange , I don't know the priorities , It's often a hammer in the East and a hammer in the West , In a hurry . The reason for the improper method , In addition to the lack of guidance from parents and teachers , There are also students who fail to form the habit of summing up experiences and lessons in their study .

The main manifestation of the lack of information type is , In addition to reading textbooks and listening to teachers , I seldom read all kinds of extracurricular books , And rarely draw information from various media ; I seldom ask the teacher questions in time when I encounter problems in my study . This is because he is lazy , And it's related to introversion and lack of communication .

The main manifestation of energy dispersion is , Lack of concentration in learning , Often easy to accept all kinds of temptations , Perfunctory to study , Interested in things other than learning ; A few students will also be distracted because of family changes or disagreements with their surrounding interpersonal relationships . The main reason is the lack of self-control ability and psychological adjustment ability .

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