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When the sideline catches up with the salary, I will leave the workplace

2021-09-01 08:20:02 Life journey

I am the proud star , A man who grows up with his heart 85 after , Click on the above “ Focus on ”, All the experience you want is here .

Sitting in a spacious and bright office , Drink your own lemon tea , Beat the keyboard rhythmically —— This seems to be the most comfortable and decent job in the eyes of many people .

When I was very young, my mother said to me :“ When you grow up, don't farm in the countryside like me , Expose to the weather . Be sure to work in an office in a big city .”

My life is just as my mother expected , When I grew up , I sat in a spacious and bright office , You don't have to work in the fields anymore 、 The wind and the sun .

But now I have reached my mother's age , Sitting in the office is not the way I want to live and work , I yearn for my mother's free life .

No matter how hard or tired , Can farm freely in the countryside , Can work hard in the direction you want , Can accompany their children to grow up , It has become my dream .

I hate the current way of life , On an endless class , But there is only a fraction left all year round ; I hate getting up early and getting up late , Every day I live a holiday and work hard ; I hate going to the company every day , In order to do what you have lost confidence in that restricted space ……

I often think that if one day , I can have a sideline , And can catch up with and surpass the current salary , That will be the beginning of my leaving the workplace forever .

I was very busy for some time , So busy that I don't have any holidays , There is no room for yourself , The boss has a telephone drawing , I have to work overtime to finish him , Whether it's a holiday or not , No overtime pay .

During that time , I have insomnia 、 Severe hair loss , I'm tired when I see the data in front of the computer , I'm afraid to get up when I hear the alarm clock ring in the morning .

During that time , I don't have time for my children , No time to go home , Even kindergarten teachers think whether the child's mother works in other places , Never attend a child's life .

I feel sorry for myself , I'm even more sorry for my children and family , There is no life at all .

Then I left ,2 I dare not go back to work for months , I'm confused , I know go back , Maybe the end will be the same , Overtime, overtime, overtime ……

that 2 In the months , I shut myself in the room and started using the we media . I think in the era of we media , As long as I persevere 、 Keep ploughing , You can always expand your own land .

It was also a period of time , I began to aspire to write well , Also accidentally found Jianshu and Baijia number .

As many people say : It's hard for a naked person to do self media . I was no doubt soon overwhelmed by the mountain of reality , Facing the monthly rent , life , I lowered my head again .

I understand that without the support of work , We media is like a flower without watering , It will soon wither . Face the daily living expenses , It's hard for me to create at ease , The anxiety that erodes all over you late at night , It's always waking me up , Face reality .

Once again, I spent nine cattle and two tigers to find a job, but it was very “ at will ” The job of , Not as big as before , Only a few people , The boss has just set up the company , A lot of things didn't adapt , I was also asked to give advice on the development of the company , I can only respond hastily .

Not as busy as before , But it's also too free to make people panic . It's almost two months since I started my job , The company has few orders . I see myself doing nothing at work every day , Even I feel bored .

There is no adjustment when you are tired , No vacation, no place to hide ; Waste time in your spare time and dare not violate the eight hours in your work , Anxious and confused .

If the sideline can catch up with my salary , I will choose to do what I like , I really don't want to waste my time .

the other day , I finally cashed out on the headlines . Two months of spare time writing , Earned 100 block . Although not much, but very happy , I can finally have a sideline income , Earn some money by your own words .

Start writing , The income is actually less than it is now , Only a few cents a day , But I insisted . But today , How many pieces can I have every day , This is changing .

I also believe , As long as I keep learning 、 Write it down , My income will eventually catch up with my salary , After all, in the we media industry , Income has no ceiling .

Creative 2 In a matter of months , Someone will always ask me : You write so well , How much money do you earn every month ?

I smiled helplessly . but , Because I'm not as good as you think , I really can't tell you that I just earned 100 block , I don't want you to lose confidence here ; laugh , Because I firmly believe that , The future harvest will only be better and better .

I Believe , One day I can create freely , No longer bound . Can really hold a decent income , Live the life you want , Say goodbye to those boring workplaces without dreams .

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