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The autumn wind rises, the autumn leaves fall, and the autumn rain is cool

2021-09-01 08:32:02 Life journey

The wind blows a leaf , All things have surprised autumn . The pace of time is fast , It's autumn in the twinkling of an eye .

Cool wind has letter , The moon is boundless , Autumn should be beautiful .

In the four seasons , Autumn is the most mature . There is no tenderness and shame of spring , Without the enthusiasm of summer , There is no cold winter , Some are just the silent autumn .

autumn , No longer green 、 Youth like brocade .

It doesn't need much embellishment , Just be simple , You see , On the strong branches , Only the fork stood in the wind , The flowers are long gone , The blades also fell , A simple natural ink painting is good .

Like people who live to a certain age , Know how to choose , Like simplicity , Face daily life calmly .

Experienced the baptism of the season , Standing at the intersection of autumn , Look at the leaves and grass , When I began to change from green to gold , You can hear the joy on the earth , Is the beginning of a bumper harvest 、 There are songs and joy of harvest .

The wind blows a leaf , All things have surprised autumn .

The autumn wind blows , Everything began to kill , Insects dormant in nature receive the news of autumn . They are ready to confess the vastness of this life in the last time .

The autumn cicada began its last song , Loud and clear, sad and hoarse . Only once in four years , I haven't sung enough in summer , How can it not love this autumn ?

From far away , Must borrow the autumn wind .

It puts its last love into the chirp of every moment , All the reluctance turned into wind smoke and went away in the autumn wind .

The other insects started their last chorus in the evening , every year , Year after year , They still agreed to meet again next year .

As soon as I read the autumn wind , A thought of Acacia .

Leaves tinged with autumn , Falling all over the tree , A curtain of autumn wind decorates the dream of the season , It's time for autumn leaves to say goodbye , Sweep away the missing of a season , It's not giving up on falling flowers 、 Nostalgia for nature , And the thoughts of every season .

Autumn is growing , Autumn is getting cooler , Walk all the way , Listen to the wind , Look at the autumn water for a long time , Dance with falling autumn leaves .

An autumn rain , A cool .

In the season of missing , Without a rain pouring cover . autumn rains , Dribs and drabs , Patter... Patter , There is no soft spring rain , The disease of summer , The cold of winter . Gentle and soft , Continuous and dense .

Hit the fallen leaves , Knock on the balcony , Fall on the ground , It's rustling , Di Di Da , Like a whisper , If whisper . Bring autumn comfort , An autumn rain, a cool , I like the cool autumn very much , Moderate , Good words ripple in my heart .

Walking in the autumn rain and autumn scenery , Leaves fall all over the ground , The autumn wind blows , People are also very sober . At this stage of life , What should be seen through is known , Let go of what you can't let go .

Through the ups and downs of life , Fade the green and tender , Let go of pain and disappointment , Rough life comes to autumn , Only mature and calm .

Everything has experienced autumn , With the charm of autumn , More engraved with tenacity and openness . After the autumn wind and rain , Nothing in , The mind gradually matures , Tenacity , Looking back is always bleak , There was neither rain nor sunshine .

Throw away the worldly burden bit by bit . Take it easy , Be broad-minded , Life is not perfect , Why bother others .

Walk all the way , Enjoy all the way , Every season has its goodness and beauty , In the autumn light of this season , Pick a touch of autumn rhyme , The autumn wind is tinged on the paper kite of years 、 autumn rains 、 The beauty of autumn and the joy of life .

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