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Rambling punch in

2021-09-01 08:35:33 Photography

      Punch in is one of the important links in the new webmaster's learning . And about clocking in , I always think , It's just a form , Just study , Why do you need to punch in ?

      Frankly speaking , I don't like to limit myself in this way , In particular, I don't like that sometimes I have to punch in to punch in even though I haven't learned anything . But sometimes punching in can really urge yourself to wake up , So it looks like , You should also watch the clock in two .

        How to understand the positive significance of punch in ? You can urge yourself to reflect on your day's behavior , It can help you to summarize and check the leak and fill the vacancy in time .

        that , How to actively deal with clock in ? First of all , Use sporadic time to complete the learning task at least one day in advance . second , Put the contents to be clocked in at least one day in advance in the form of documents in the eye-catching position of the computer or the fixed place of the mobile phone . Third , Strengthen your sense of punch in , And set up a clock in reminder in case of negligence . Fourth , If you forget to punch in again , Then forget .

        Now that you've decided to stay in the new webmaster , We must take all actions under command : Read it well 、 Listen carefully 、 Work hard at your homework , Of course, it also includes taking every clock in seriously .


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