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A trip to baiyantou (series of poems)

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        An unnamed well halfway up the mountain

The reverie of dragon vein water spouting from the dragon's mouth , Filled in the middle of the mountain

Passers-by up and down the mountain said it was just right

You can quench your thirst by hearing the water play

Drink a side of nectar , The lungs are filled with cool water in the clear stream

Boulders are not good at words , But understanding

It's holding out good wine , Dedicated to passers-by

Well nameless , Like a workover

Hidden process , There is no need to remember

      —— Tingsong Pavilion —

The wind came from the sky , Go to the air again

The man who ascended baiyantou , Enjoy its bath

It's time to settle down , Scrape away the desire at the foot of the mountain

Avoid the pain of cultivation , Immortal Qi goes to the bone

Then overlook the fireworks in the world

I feel refreshed , A lot of light

        Baiyantou village

The courtyard is scattered , Quiet in the mountains

Dawa wooden house has a kind of primitive style

noon , I heard the squeak of the seedlings absorbing water

The water in the field is muddy , The rice flower fish is having fun

Young people's dreams are far away

Only the earth dog guarding the house squatted in front of the door , Waiting to return

A stranger's footsteps woke it up . A few barks

All the way , Thought it was the return of a wanderer

        Seven immortals Hall

The temple is attached to the top of the cliff , Like Qionglou Yuyu

The seven fairies sat in the front hall , Enjoy human incense

As a reward, two silk scarves were thrown down the mountain

Fall on the ground into a river , Give a geomantic treasure land

The woman in charge is hale and hearty

She said that Bodhisattva is effective , Soft touch

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