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The gold medal has lost its skin

2021-09-01 08:48:46 Photography

        The gold medal of the Tokyo Olympic Games , It is said that the skin has fallen off , Actually , This should not be strange . Of course, it's strange .

        In the past, no one said that the gold medal of the Olympic Games fell off the skin , We ordinary people think that , Gold medals should be made of gold , So the gold medalist gets the gold medal , Will bite , Try the taste , See if it's real gold , I personally think so .

But when someone bites the gold medal of the gold medalist of the Tokyo Olympic Games , People concerned in Japan have called for , Said it's best not to bite the gold medal . Then news came out , These gold, silver and bronze medals , It didn't cost a lot of money , It is processed from electronic waste .

Oh, too. , It is said that Japan is a country short of resources , All medals should be made of pure gold , Sterling Silver , Made of pure copper , How much raw materials will it cost ? People can't afford . The budget conscious Japanese government will save money , The raw materials of medals come from waste electronic products , People in waste utilization , It can be said that the brain hole is wide open . Maybe , Before winning the Olympic bid , I have an idea . After the successful bid for the Olympic Games , The Japanese government collects a large amount of electronic waste from all over the country , Then refine and process , Made a number of medals . How pure is this medal , How environmentally friendly , Don't ask too much about this . Anyway, people have done all the medals , Moreover, these medals are not all given to their own athletes , Most are taken away by athletes from other countries . What does it matter if the raw materials are good !

Not only do medals save raw materials , It is said that the bed board in the Olympic village is made of cardboard . There was a video that was specially taken , Several big men are jumping on the cardboard , The cardboard is not broken . later , It is reported that the bed board of a heavy athlete was crushed by him . I think cardboard may also be processed from waste paper .

This is really a frugal country !

This economical country , There are many wonderful measures during the Olympic Games . For example, the wonderful tricks of competing for medals , I don't have to say , The world knows . Also make complaints about Tucao !

To Japan , I always wanted to hit it ! Watch countless Anti Japanese war films , Besides calling it little Japan , Can't call it Japan . So when it comes to Japan, our athletes can't help saying “ Little Japan ”, When the reporter interviewed, he jumped out a little carelessly “ Little Japan ”, Even in Tokyo , I can't control my deep love for Japan “ hate ”, Fortunately, they react quickly , Round it quickly “ Little day ”. This is a national mood , In the blood , Plant it in your bones .

The gold medal is peeling again , The gold medal is made of gold skin , Maybe even the gold in waste electronic products is not , Just plated with waste gold .

ha-ha , Look at the gold medal made by little Japan . The gold medal is peeling again , Said the Tokyo Olympic Committee rushed out to explain . Explain what , Can you explain how to prevent them from peeling again ! Explanation is equal to concealment !

What good can little Japan do , Even a medal can be made like this !

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