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The day has become my habit

2021-09-01 08:49:01 Photography

Day watch

The most terrible enemy , There is no strong belief .—— Roman • Roland

Rigengdi 23 days , It is said to stick to one thing 21 God , It can become a habit .

Recently, I found that there are fewer and fewer topics to write , But writing seems to have become my habit , Although there is no topic , But I still want to share , That uncontrollable desire may be the charm of persistence !

Drug addiction , Writing can also be addictive . What you thought you wouldn't do , As long as you take the first step , You have the impulse to finish him , The same is true for me , Once it starts , You can't stop easily .

Of course , Everyone's attitude towards something determines whether he wants to stick to it , Maybe this platform is just a place to relax for some friends , Come in and cultivate your feelings , Or wash your eyes , Looking for a paradise in the impetuous secular world , You can wait , There is no right or wrong , It's not a job , I think it's more important for Japan , Everyone can have their own ideas .

I hope that you will be able to make progress in daily work and other matters , Can find the one you want to stick to , Work hard , You'll find that , Your mentality can also be a kind of inertia , Then doing this naturally becomes a non conditional reflection !

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