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A poor cook's dog loves to eat

2021-09-01 09:04:10 Photography

Fried egg with leek

Dogs love meat and bones

Chop a stick bone hard

Pieces of love in my heart

Dogs like to eat taro

Trees grow around the water

Peel and smooth, do you know

You and your family

Dogs like to eat fried meat

Mix some celery to make you thin

Reduce fat to show your figure

Dogs love black rice porridge

Another handful of green leeks

Scrambled egg with leek has a thick flavor

Celery fried meat

Dogs like to eat sour water bamboo head

Throw the bright red peppers in

It's like hanging red silk on your waist

If you can do and eat, don't worry

I'll smell the delicious food

I'm the little dog

The little dog's meat and bones


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