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Realizing the dream of Dunhuang... (Part 7)

2021-09-01 09:07:35 Life journey

** Thousands of miles of Dunhuang road , The snow is not clear in three spring .**

Let's take your horse , It's like walking on flowers .

** I haven't been to Dunhuang , You don't really have poetry and distance .**

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After a long journey of four or five days , Seeing it getting closer and closer to Dunhuang . I feel more and more excited . Looking forward to the crescent Moon Spring of Mingsha mountain in my dream , Looking forward to the mysterious Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes , Looking forward to the dream of poetry and distance ……

According to the arrangement of the tour guide , We got up early at four in the morning , They gathered on the road outside the hotel at 4:30 .

unfortunately , ' , The bus of the travel agency broke down , It was delayed until seven in the morning . I told myself , No hurry, no impatience , Everything is the best arrangement . With a happy heart , Welcome a new journey .

The tourist bus goes all the way . 4:30 p.m , We finally arrived at the gate of Mingsha mountain crescent spring scenic spot .

Mingsha mountain crescent spring scenic spot , Located in the south of Dunhuang City, Gansu Province 5 km . Covers an area of 3.12 10,000 square kilometers , Including Mingsha mountain , It grows in the west of Shandong 40 More than kilometers , It's about the width of North and south 20 km , The elevation of the main peak 1715 rice .

Mingsha mountain is named after the sound of sand moving , To accumulate quicksand into , Share out bonus 、 yellow 、 green 、 white 、 Five black colors .



Look at this : Mingsha mountain crescent spring national scenic spot A stone tablet , How many regrets , How much joy ? Surging thoughts are like surging tides ……

From A.D 366 Nian letun monk stopped at Mingsha mountain , Suddenly I saw the golden light and the wonderful scene of thousands of Buddhas leaping . That magical evening , He made a vow :“ Cave statues , Make it a holy land ”, And cut the first cave , Until now, , Time has passed 1655 year ! Mingsha mountain is still , Crescent Moon Spring is still ……

More than 1600 years of time flow , It carries the spiritual beliefs of countless people , Witnessed the suffering and brilliant development of the Chinese nation .

Half a century's dream , The bumps along the way , have endured the hardships of a long journey , Just for this moment , Meet you !

Enter the scenic spot , There happens to be an activity , More than ten minutes of wonderful performance , It's like fairy music , The skirt is fluttering . As if through time and space , Flying reappearance . Although the performance is short , But it's wonderful .

With the beat

With the beat

With the beat

Here and now , This scene , I feel very dusty , After running all the way, my heart gradually calmed down , With the music , The dancing shadow , Back more than 1600 years ago .

Watch the end of the show , Ride a camel , In the camel bells , To the endless sand sea , Go to Mingsha mountain .

The sun was still hot , The sky is blue , The long camel procession of tourists is spectacular , Twists and turns , It stretches to the distance of the desert .

Beautiful sand mountains , Under the sun , Shining with golden light .

With the beat

With the beat

The sound of Camel Bells , Thoughts are flying , I seem to see the Le Zun monk in those days , The figure standing on the top of the mountain , I saw the golden holy land of thousands of Buddhas .

In front of him was a golden light , Behind the colorful sunset , The whole body was red , The tin stick on the hand also becomes crystal transparent . He stood stunned , There is no sound between heaven and earth , Only the overflow of light , The shroud of color .

I saw monk lezun alone , Dig out the first cave one by one . Faith is so sacred , It will not be obliterated by time , Will not be submerged by memory . Like a pearl, the longer time goes , More and more brilliant . Generation after generation, the power of Dunhuang people's faith has become today's holy land . People all over the world yearn for .

Down the mountain , It's already sunset , The Mingsha mountain under the setting sun is even more golden , Too wonderful for words .

With the beat

With the beat

With the beat

What comes into view is “ The first spring in the desert ” It's called the crescent moon spring, the famous civilization !

An oasis in the desert , Hidden in the arms of Mingsha mountain , Crescent spring nestles in this oasis , Its shape is like a crescent moon . Like desert eyes .

Crescent Moon Spring was called sand well in ancient times , Also known as Yaoquan , It was once falsely rumoured that it was a pool , In the Qing Dynasty, it was renamed crescent spring . Its water quality is sweet , Clear as a mirror . And a reed , It's green , Swaying in the wind .

The spring is clear , Hidden in it , Like bright eyes .

The crescent Moon Spring in Mingsha mountain is the most magical water I have ever seen , In the desert without drying up , Clear and bright , The wind and sand are flying around , It was blowing from the bottom of the mountain to the top and both sides . It's amazing !

Just this Wang Qingquan , Lie still in the desert , The sun and moon transpiration , It will not dry up for a thousand years , The wind and sand filled the air , Still alive .

For one thousand years , Although the spring is not covered by quicksand in case of strong wind , It is located in the Gobi and the spring is not turbid or dry . It will not dry up for a thousand years , Amazing . This kind of sand spring symbiosis , The unique landform of spring sand coexistence , It is " Wonders of the world ".

Through the ages , Crescent moon spring to " Mountain springs coexist , Sand and water coexist " It is famous for its wonderful scenery , Known as the " One of the most beautiful scenery outside the Great Wall ", Mingsha Mountain 、 The crescent spring is integrated with the artistic landscape of Mogao Grottoes , It's connected to the south of Dunhuang city " Two Jue ", Become a tourist attraction that people in China and even the world yearn for .

Mingsha mountain crescent spring scenic spot ,1994 It was designated as a national key scenic spot in , Won the “ One of the five most beautiful deserts in China ” Honorary titles .2015 year 7 month 20 Japan , Be approved as a national AAAAA Class ii tourist attractions .2016 year 1 month , The National Tourism Administration and the Ministry of environmental protection plan to identify Mingsha mountain crescent spring scenic spot in Jiuquan City, Gansu Province as a national ecotourism demonstration area .

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