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My memories (53)

2021-09-01 09:07:48 Life journey

Now let me talk about my original big family in recent years .

There is a man named Jin Kui in the village , Older than me 7,8 Year old look , Over the years, I have worked as a construction contractor in Jiangqian Town, the intersection of three provinces hundreds of miles away , Made a fortune , Riding imported motorcycles all day . But he has a bad reputation , People who work under him , Want to get his hard-earned money back from him , That's even more difficult . Every December , People up and down them , It's all one “ want ” word . here we are 1987 end of the year , Our family also went to Jin Kui's house “ want ” Once . Things have to start from the beginning .

The second younger brother studied carpentry , I fell out with Shifu in less than a year , give up halfway . Since then , Work here for a few days and there for a few days , A considerable part of them eat their own rice , Help others work for nothing , Help people finish their work and don't give money at last , Some make a fight , This has happened many times .1985 In, the whole family wrapped up in the Moon Lake dozens of miles away 30 Mu Lake Field , Made hundreds of dollars . Father wants to go to baohutian again , His brothers immediately declared : I want you to go alone . Father had to find another way for him . This Dick is going to 86 end of the year , already 24 Year old , Go on like this , Singles are stable . So after some discussion with my parents , It is suggested that the second son and Jin Kui work in Jiangqian town , The second said he didn't care , When you have agreed with others, he will go . My father said :“ You don't know? , We are different from others . Jin Kui's several acres of land haven't been lost yet , It's troublesome to call a husband every year , Our family is very broad , Help him make these acres of land by the way , We don't want any money , He just needs to buy some fertilizer for his rice field , Everything else is our business . I don't want one grain of the harvested grain . The second son followed him as an apprentice at his feet , But you can't be an apprentice without giving a penny , You have to pay for big work . So the second learned his craft again , Made money again ,,, I've already told people , Jin Kui was very happy , No matter how good it is ! He promised : Whoever doesn't get paid , Your Erya's salary I have to pay . Isn't that safe ? If you want someone to write a word, you can't do it ?” Mother also said that Mo Qian was afraid of wolves and not tigers , People in their own village are afraid that he will run away ? Kim Kui, I know , Not necessarily for my family , When you went to normal school that year, others were so jealous , He was overjoyed , I also give you a pair of good nylon socks. Do you remember ? He is not bad . Besides, we help him make fields , It's a job change , No better than others , His heart is not made of iron . I have no objection .

In a flash ,300 Many days passed , The second son has worked in Jinkui for nearly one year 300 God , It was the hardest and most serious year of his life . He's carrying the cement board , Sometimes I have to carry this load up to the third floor . And mud , To be a mason , Moving bricks and mud is his main job . As for what to say with apprentice Jinkui , That's a myth , He's gone all day , Occasionally passing near the construction site , I saw him riding a big motorcycle , There's always a pretty woman behind your ass , Hair is smooth , Luxurious clothes , He had long said goodbye to Che Dao , It's all the boss's style , What kind of apprentice do you expect to be ! The second is just a handyman , The whole year , The second never pinched a knife , There is no such apprentice ?

Even if you haven't learned your craft , The salary can't run away ? You see, Jin Kui's big and small stores are full , His family has never had such a bumper harvest year . His wife has been recuperating at home this year , She never looked in the field . How much sweat our family has shed on their acres of fields ! Face it all , Jin Kui naturally needs a few polite words . Whenever this time , My parents are relieved .

In the twelfth month , Jin Kui returned in triumph , Start turning the excess fat accumulated for a year into combat effectiveness , Deal with complicated salary problems . An endless stream of people , All his enemies . He said ~

“ I have plenty of money , But my company hasn't settled with me yet , wait a second , In a few days .”“ Lost ! If I pay you the original price , I have to sell children and women. It's not enough to sell my wife , therefore ,,,”“ You work irresponsibly , Especially when I'm not at the construction site , You're all messing around on purpose , Many construction sites are unqualified , No money . This is good , It hurt me and myself ,,,”“ Don't believe it ? You go to the company and ask ! strike , I'll let you kill it . Killing me won't solve the problem . You say good things , I'm lucky I can help you find a way .”,,,

Father finally timidly avoided the chaotic crowd , I'd like to meet Mr. Qian alone , When it comes to the second child's salary . He found the ledger , Find an abacus , Seven knocks, eight knocks , Finally, solemnly repeat the game , Add a particle with a slap , Say frankly :“ Make up your money ! uncle , I'm holding down other people's money , Some people ran several times , I sent them back empty handed . You are different , I'm sorry to help me make a field , Your money will be paid tonight !” He took it out of the room 6 Zhang “ Great unity ” Put it in my father's hand .“ uncle , My tree is clear .60 block . Take your time !”

As soon as his father came home, he gave the money to his mother , Mother counted , Asked in surprise :“ Did you fall on the road ?”“ No, , Just 60 block .”“60 You take the block, too ? I'll ask . I've been working for a year , It's worth it 60 Yuan ? We eat our own rice , This year, I eat more than rice 60 It's a dollar !”

Mother went for half an hour before she came back , His face turned blue with anger , Hands shaking , I can't speak for a long time .“ He , He not only doesn't pay for it , His bitch still swears , That is not to give , Call your sweet potato ( silly ) Let's all come !”

hit ! The three of our brothers almost spoke with one voice , Rushed to his house . Jin Kui's wife had bolted the door and couldn't come out . Jin Kui saw me come in , Another face , Pack cigarettes, pour tea and give up your seat , My heart is soft again , It's not him who swears , So just talk about wages .

The next day, according to his mother, Jin Kui made up 100 yuan . Even if you make it up , A big labor force for a year ,160 How much is it ? Also helped their family make a large paddy field .

In the second year ,1988 year , There was a good beginning . In recent years , In this area of Qinghe District, a powerful “ Compound fertilizer ” wind , There are... In the compound fertilizer plant , There are... In the village , In the village , It's all over him . There is a big phosphate fertilizer factory in our county , But the taste of phosphate rock is very low , So-called “ Compound fertilizer ” It's just selling dog meat with sheep's head . It can be said that those who have made a fortune in our area are directly or indirectly related to this compound fertilizer . I 1977 There was a troublemaker in the class of junior middle school students I took in , In recent years, he has made a fortune selling compound fat . I kind of hate him , But he and my second brother are very close , He came to our house in the first month , Invite my second brother to learn to sell compound fertilizer with him .

Finally, the second didn't go , He said that when the wife of the deputy director of the factory was a girl , Someone asked me to be a matchmaker, but it didn't work , Finally married him ; He is now the factory director , The second thinks he can't get money when he works here , wait . Forget it .

The second is idle again , Walking around the house with my little brother all day . One day I got a message saying , The township government where my great uncle, who is the head of the township, runs a compound fertilizer factory , Call my dick ready to go to work . good !

The second younger brother came to the courtyard of Qinghu township government and found my great uncle , He introduced my second brother to Liu Haiao, the director of a disgusting compound fertilizer factory . Liu waited for my great uncle to go and said to his second brother : First hand over 200 You can only go to work with a deposit of yuan . The second guy didn't want to pay , But director Liu said I don't object to you working like this , Don't remember the work . Then I saw that another young man introduced by my aunt also paid a deposit , there is no way out , He also sold pigs at home 200 I took the yuan . meanwhile , My younger brother also took the last 100 yuan as a deposit , Go to work in my second uncle's phosphate fertilizer factory . well , Full employment !

After two months , The cold business of the factory where the second son works suddenly exploded , Two big shippers came to Sichuan , Each important 50 Ten thousand yuan of compound fertilizer , All the money has been remitted . According to the contract , So much compound fertilizer has to be in 20 Full delivery within days , To Sichuan . The production capacity of this small factory is completely insufficient , No matter how many , first-class “ Compound fertilizer ” It's just a bag of phosphate fertilizer with one or two shovels of carboamine , And most of them just pour a phosphate fertilizer bag into the printed “ Compound fertilizer ” The bag of , Just change a bag . What is the percentage of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium , For what 25 A taste ,30 A taste , It's all lies . There are also dozens of bags of urea and imported potassium fertilizer in the warehouse , But this one can't move , This is for display . result , These so-called “ Compound fertilizer ” There is not a grain of urea in the , There is not a grain of potash . The truck goes to the workshop for a turn , Urea, potassium and so on , When people turn their backs , Except phosphate fertilizer or phosphate fertilizer . Factory director he Chengtian accompanied the shippers to the restaurant , Go to the concert hall , to call a prostitute .

Compound fertilizer on board ,100 Ten thousand yuan of payment has arrived . One celebration banquet after another .

Not long , Disaster broke out , This batch of compound fertilizer has been tested , Totally unqualified , One or two don't , Pull it all back . The mob in the factory grabbed one by one and ran away . Sichuan people come all the way , In the end, we can't cope with this protracted war , go , Accept your fate . Liu Haiao quietly came back and auctioned off the compound fertilizer factory , Since then, everything has nothing to do with him .

Then the second son and his employees began to ask for a deposit . People also say that he has plenty of money , Cars are affordable , I can't afford to pay you 200 yuan ? Don't worry , Regular deposit in big banks , I can't take it out for the time being , There will be in December , I also pay you interest . Two months' salary , I don't give much , A hundred dollars is always a must ! I've been in that lawsuit , I dare not show my head , I'm leaving soon , You don't help me worry , And force me to !

The twelfth lunar month will come , Will never come , And soon . however , Liu Haiao doesn't know who the second is at this time , He hardly knows what a deposit means . The Liu family is building a foreign building , I'm really confused . The second explained patiently , Liu finally remembered , But what if I remember ? He's on fire :“ Your money wasn't given to me , It's money , You asked him for . I don't care now !” The second son was so angry , Say we'll see . Go home and call the third brother , Want to fight , And a murder weapon . But a row , Liu's brother 4,5 individual , Rush out like a herd of bison , And his bodyguard , With a sharp dagger in his waist . The second boy was frightened to know where they had lost their plan , I had to go home in despair .

My mother is always confident that she can say something , If you can't, you can die . Liu doesn't like this , On the top is :“ Stupid losers give money to others ! What can you do to raise a silly son ! You can die , Suicide is just the death of a dog , It can make people die ?~~ Yang Xiangchang ? hum ! I treat him like a loser ! What kind of thing is he ? A big official , I'm afraid of him !” Mother miscalculated this time .

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