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Youqiang village in the sound of Qiang flute

2021-09-01 09:09:24 Photography

Experienced the plural of Yibin , The tragic tourist bus in Wenchuan has brought us to the Qiang style garden in Mao County, Aba Prefecture .

It was a sweaty dog days, but it was a cold wind when I got off the tourist bus , I can't help shivering .

The reality of Shiban ancient town with small bridges and flowing water tells us , This is a world completely different from the Mainland

Why do Qiang flutes complain about willows , The spring wind does not pass the Yumen pass . The stock market tells us , The Qiang nationality should be outside the Yumen pass . But after watching the material , We learned that this was once active in Qinghai, Western China , The nomads in Gansu came here with their flocks , It is a necessary place surrounded by green mountains and green water , Free development and reproduction .

About Qiang Nationality , I only heard of Ningqiang County in Shaanxi before , Lueyang county is applying for Qiang to hold Qiang tourism and cultural activities , But whether they are pure Qiang , When we came to the Qiang village, we learned that the Yan Emperor Dayu, who ruled the flood in the creation era of our nation, was the king of Qiang people, king of Shang and king of Zhou , Jiang Ziya is a Qiang , Cancong, the founder of Wushu state, is a Qiang nationality , And the romance of the Three Kingdoms , Ma Chao, the famous general of the middle Megatron Three Kingdoms, has the blood of Qiang nationality , Jiang Wei, Zhuge Liang's disciple, is a Qiang . Come here , I just know that in the Chinese nation 5000 Years of history , Many heroes were born among the Qiang people , Created such a brilliant civilization , I feel very confident , I finally made up this lesson in my travel .

We arrived at the Cultural Festival at ten o'clock the next morning , It's still early. We made an appointment to chat with the staff in the square in front of the Qiang culture museum. I asked the staff for advice , Why is there a very big statue of sheep in your square ? The staff explained that , The Qiang nationality was originally a sheep herding people , Their life is inseparable from sheep, so sheep totem .

The next day, under the guidance of the guide , We visited the Qiang castle, a huge castle built entirely of boulders , The weather is tight, and the road leading to the food construction of the castle , Wearing armor , A warrior with a spear , Standing majestically on the roadside, a group of Qiang men and women dressed in national costumes followed them singing and dancing , We climbed the high Qiang Wang stronghold .

We visited the assembly hall of King Qiang . The gun king of langsu sits in the center of the hall, surrounded by some elderly Qiang men with cigarette bags , They looked dignified , Seems to be thinking , A major event related to the rise and fall of our nation .

Then we visited several factories made by Qiang handicrafts, Qiang medicine and Qiang utensils , Qiang tourist souvenirs .

Different from the civil structure houses of the Han people in the mainland, the castle of the Qiang nationality is like the folk houses in the West , It is completely made of local materials and stone . Exquisite workmanship , The vastness of the project , We were amazed at the strength of the castle . I was thinking about Tibetans , Mongolian , Daur people , Most nomads live by water and grass , Their living conditions are relatively poor , Living in a yurt . Why are the Qiang people who are also herdsmen ? But it takes Baal to build such a strong castle ?

Personally, I think the reason why Qiang people have such a strong castle structure and the environment suitable for their life is inseparable. First of all, they live between green mountains and green waters , Farming and animal husbandry , There is no need to rush around in places with abundant water and grass like other nomads . second , They live in a mountainous area with frequent earthquakes , Only strong castles can protect their lives . Third, since ancient times, banditry in Northwest Sichuan has been banned repeatedly. From the perspective of protecting its own security, it is necessary to build an aggressive , Retreat and defend , A castle with a tight self-defense system .

The thousand foot culture starts from Yanhuang , Yes 5000 For years, and we came all the way , It takes less than an hour to experience this culture in person, and we still need to taste a lot of content in the later life course , To understand the above is some casual words .

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