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Summer seems to be coming to an end

2021-09-01 09:13:03 Life journey

The wind has the smell of autumn , Although it is still hot at noon , But it's already cool in the morning and evening .

It's been a busy week , Because both subordinates are on vacation . Good , Take this opportunity to know about their specific work .

I went for nucleic acid test in the morning , Also issued a certificate of suspension of vaccination . Take the audit exam tomorrow , My plan is to pass , Next year, continue the remaining financial management and tax law , If you don't pass, you'll give up the exam .

Yesterday I had dinner with Mr. Zi's friends , I feel I still have to strengthen management , You have to lose another five pounds . Take care of your skin , Thin face and thin stomach . Now I find that people really don't have to eat a lot , Especially our mental workers , Have a bowl of soybean milk for breakfast , One egg, four dumplings , Not hungry until noon . Start the boiled vegetable mode at noon , Control the amount at night .

Take your time , come on. !

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