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Jinghu Caifeng (I)

2021-09-01 09:19:46 Life journey

In summer, the mirror lake picks wind in the rain

writing / Sun Zhaolan

( One )

Red skirt is crossing Jinghu bridge , Wind caresses Jianjia Jade Flute .

Fish leaping lotus fragrance, ecological beauty , Cloud Eagle splash painting screen charming .

( Two )

The wind shook the pavilion, and the willows were like smoke , The rain moistens the lotus, and the color is brighter .

In autumn, the lotus is full of ink , Cloud hawks gather in front of the bridge again .

8 month 3 Japan , In the drizzling rain, some teachers and students of Shengshui Yunying Poetry Club pick wind from Jinghu . Please enjoy the true love poems of teachers and students .

Jinghu wind collection

writing / Zhu Jiwen

( One )

The beauty meditates in front of the jade Pavilion , After the rain, the lake is flat and the dizhi is fresh .

The wind sends lotus fragrance, and autumn is near , Who has pity on the reduction of red and green ?

( Two )

Red beans in the forest avoid swaggering , Eagles envy swans floating on the water .

Shy lotus whispers to bee , Tongxin Yongjie Jinghu bridge .

Jinghu stroll

writing / Sun Yongfang

Peck the children at the white crane Pavilion , Floating weeping willows call the cool wind .

Green mountains and bright moon tone erotic , But the lotus blushes with shame .

Enjoy the lotus in the rain of Jinghu Lake

Miao Lihong

Mirror Lake, clear water, lotus , Fairy Lingbo bathes in the rain and wind .

How many degrees can Tianxiang , Who is elegant with ?

Midsummer Jinghu


( One )

The jade bridge by the lake in the city is inclined , Green Umbrella Red drum Frog .

The drizzle cleared the heart, and the tourists were drunk , Invite another pot of tea .

( Two )

Jinghu takes the tranquility and is embedded in the city , The lotus is flawless, and it turns red .

Four or five acquaintances chant on the bridge , With tianlijing into the silver pupil .

Swimming in Mirror Lake in the rain

Gu Wei

Find Fang and win jinghuyan , Forest birds sing without a trace, rain and smoke .

Ten mile fragrant lotus Wai Qu an , Green, fat, red and thin are pitiful .

Jinghu rain bathes the lotus

Geng Xuefang

( One )

It's cold and the rain is whirling , The cloud is cold, the Pearl room is misty, and the green lotus .

The bottom of the wind , The beauty dances all over the mirror lake .

( Two )

Floating, dancing and waving green , Towering Bi Lingbo is graceful and enchanting .

Not Yang Feilin's lazy bath , Yusha covers the beauty's waist .

Enjoy the lotus in the mirror lake in the rain

Xing Wei

Floating fragrance on the curved bank and fine rain , Fangfei impregnates Jinghu East .

Lingbo fairy charming , Liying Qingzi is a different kind of red .

Jinghu sings two songs in the rain

Jia Feng

( One )

Drizzle, willow smoke , Jinghu Lake is emerald and fragrant .

Red lotus with dew adds beauty , The beauty on the bridge is yingbiyuan .

( Two )

Misty water mirror lake, the sky is boundless , He shangcui umbrella .

At present, the rain is beating the snow , Come tomorrow autumn to sing evening love .

Songyuan Jinghu wind collection

Red crescent

( One )

Half lake mist, half lake wind , The rain plays with the lotus, and the lotus is red .

Talented people and beautiful women have unlimited meaning , Poetic elegance, small bridge east .

( Two )

The rain on Jinghu Lake is long today , The breeze is blowing, and the fragrance is everywhere .

Emerald sleeved Luo skirt is like washing , Hibiscus is better than beauty makeup .

( 3、 ... and )

It drizzled continuously in June , Flowers pile fragrance, willows pile smoke .

The grass and trees in the south of the Yangtze River are beautiful every year , I love the lotus in Jinghu alone .

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