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Jane Book punch in the fifth day

2021-09-01 09:39:38 Life journey

It's today 2021 year 8 month 27 Number , I came to Jane book to punch in for the fifth day , How time flies , In the twinkling of an eye, the summer vacation will be over , The day of leaving school is getting closer .

I feel like I've done something superfluous , It's both a waste of time and a waste of 60 A big ocean . To be exact, I've gone too far in abiding by the rules .

Here's the thing , My daughter will start school soon , The school sent a notice , Students in low-risk areas are required to show health code, travel code and nucleic acid test report within three days when they return to school . Actually , We are 8 month 4 No. 1 participated in the nucleic acid detection of all staff in Wuhan , The week after that , The community organized the residents of the community to do a nucleic acid test , The area we live in has always been a safe area .

My daughter will report to a foreign university in two days , Today, I accompanied her to Liyuan Hospital of Tongji Hospital of Huake University for nucleic acid test , Come out when you're done , We were walking home , Walking and discussing the notice issued by their school , I always feel that our move is superfluous , We're not a low-risk area , We're in a safe area , I feel like I just wasted 60 An ocean .

Actually , My daughter doesn't want to do nucleic acid testing , She felt 8 Two nucleic acid tests have been done in January , What I understood at that time was that all students who report to school outside the country should provide a negative nucleic acid test report within three days . It seems , I'm still too cautious to understand , Worried about not doing nucleic acid test, the guard won't let you in at that time .

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