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Gulinaza made up in the dressing room. The photographer took a close-up of her face and exposed her skin

2021-09-01 10:05:52 Tencent Entertainment

8 month 26 Japan , Gulinaza has updated a dynamic in her personal social account , It has been dried for a period of time, with a length of 2 branch 36 The second video , And a caption “ Is this immersive work ”, From the content of this video , Gulinaza should share her daily work , Gulinaza was making up in the dressing room , Encountered the photographer's face , Exposed the real skin state .

In my impression , Gulinaza is a female star with good skin , Over the years , She attended a lot of activities , Also participated in the recording of many variety shows , Judging from her performance on the stage , Her skin is in good condition , Not only the skin is very white , And the skin is smooth , however , There are still many people who think that gulinaza's good skin is repaired by repair .

Gulinaza's skin condition was questioned by netizens , It's understandable , After all , Now most of the publicity posters and photos of stars attending the event are post processed , This is why there are "living map" and "refined map" , This time, in this video released by gulina Zha , A photographer took a close-up of her face , Through this lens, we can see the real skin state of gulina Za .

In this video released by gulinaza , There is a close-up of gulinaza's face when she is making up , From the state of gulina's lips , Gulinaza at this time should still be in a plain state , Her face should not have makeup , however , Gulinaza's skin is especially good , Not only the skin is delicate , And the skin is also very white , You can't even see the pores .

After gulinaza aired this video , Some netizens noticed gulinaza's figure , A netizen left a message in the comment area ,“ Sister Naza is so beautiful , Good figure , More than 1.7 meters tall , The weight is just right , Come on, sister , Wish you better and better ”, Some netizens also noticed gulinaza's skin , And leave a message in the comment area ,“ The skin is as tender as an egg , It's beautiful ”.

I just thought gulina's skin was better , I didn't expect gulinaza's skin to be so good , You know, gulinaza posted a video , In other words, gulinaza's skin state has not been revised in the later stage , Without the effect of beauty and filter , Gulinaza's skin is still as tender as a shelled egg , It seems that gulinaza's good skin is really not repaired by repair , Do you think gulinaza's skin is good ?

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