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Morning after summer

2021-09-01 10:43:10 Photography

8 month 23 Japan , In the heat . This solar term means , The heat stopped , It should be cool .

Chinese solar terms are amazing , Accurately reflect climate change , The ancients had their own wisdom .

There is a lot of rain in Beijing this summer , A light rain in three days , A heavy rain in five days , A rare sunny day , The weather in Beijing is like Jiangnan , The dog days are not as hot as in previous years 、 Cooking , But that's it , It's still hard for me , Chemotherapy made me very weak , A little movement is a sweat , Wet through the clothes , How many clothes do you change a day .

After summer vacation , There is less rain in Beijing , Get cool sooner or later , Less sweating , I feel much better .

It's been sunny recently . Take advantage of the cool in the morning , Go out and walk , The sky seems to be getting higher , Sometimes there are clouds , One by one , It's very elegant , The breeze is blowing , The feeling of crisp autumn .

The forest park is now building roads , The road at the door is blocked , It's not convenient to walk , Occasionally walk along the street .

The morning of this season is very beautiful , The trees are green , The sky is blue , clear .

Spend a lot , Crape myrtle bloomed all summer , The flowers are still colorful ; The rose is rejuvenated , Bloom again ; Parthenocissus crawls all over the wall , The leaves are green , Trumpet like flowers , Blow to the sun , The red one 、 Pink 、 Purple is very beautiful ; Little lilacs are colorful ; Hosta , Purple varieties have just withered , The white ones are in full bloom ; The lotus in the small pond in the forest park is still in bloom , The lotus flowers in other places are gone .

Summer is really over .

Early autumn morning , Not hot or cold , It's very comfortable to walk in the park .

Look up at the sky , Very high ; Look at the clouds , Sometimes not , Sometimes it's light , Sometimes one by one .

Listen carefully , The insects came from the grass , That's a bird 、 cricket 、 The song of crickets .

strange , After the summer vacation , The sound of cicadas suddenly disappeared , No sound at all , I can't hear at all , All the cicadas were silenced by the magical power .

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