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Don't hear so many messy sounds

2021-09-01 10:55:13 Life journey

A man's life is short , But for this short life , It will take a long time , This is the most deadly , Hard work may be accompanied by daily hard work and future injuries .

We try to improve ourselves , Increase the accumulation of their own strength , In order to get more , Change more , Out of dissatisfaction with the status quo , To work so hard .

In front of all kinds of people , We still look like ourselves , Because we are us , It can't change , Now, although there are many means to change their appearance , We have no choice , We chose to keep ourselves as we are . Other people's expectations or requirements for us also want to change us , Want us to transform ourselves , Make yourself comfortable for their eyes , They just want to be what they want , But buried our lives and thoughts , When I realize that other people's minds become vicious , I will stay away from such malice , This is my protection , Whether these people were my relatives or friends , I can't trust them anymore .

It's good for me to stay away from all kinds of sounds , Not hearing so many messy sounds can keep your head clean .

I used to like to explain everything to others , Now I think this is a problem that must be corrected , No matter how much you say , This is not consistent with my silence , And others won't listen carefully .

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