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Scenery comes from the heart

2021-09-01 11:28:42 Photography

      Many people think that going out is tourism , Strange places have scenery . It's not , How big the heart is, how big the sky is , There is a heart of discovery , You can enjoy the colorful scenery without going far .

      The deserted path outside the town , I walk around every few days . The feeling of it is renewed with time , Like that song “ I'm not tired of reading you a thousand times , Reading you feels like spring ”.

      Go to see the trees sprout in spring 、 The grass turns green , Go to see a lush summer , In autumn, I go to see grass seeds flying and leaves falling , Go to see the withered and yellow grass and the bare trees in winter , In the cold wind, under the snow, the hope of the next year .

      Go that day , I met a pheasant whizzing up from the grass , That day, a bee stood among the stamens . Yesterday I went to enjoy the sunshine and the shade of the trees , Today, the drizzle fell from the leaf tip . In the morning, go to the wilderness, the light fog is shrouded in dew, wet shoes and socks , In the evening, go to the sunset to shine on the shadow of flowers and trees . Every time there is a new experience, a new understanding .

      Life two, two, three, three, all things , flowers 、 The grass 、 bird 、 Trees , The growth, decline and prosperity of every life contains the avenue of life .

      The familiar scenery looks like this , How can you be bored . Of course, in addition to home cooking, we should also develop new dishes , Except for a few fixed hiking routes , We also have to develop new routes .

      List the scenery of the day , More than an hour around sunrise is golden , The evening is silver , The middle section is only copper .

      So you can arrange a lot of sightseeing when you get up early , Go east and face the sun , Watch the sun grow from nothing, from red to gold , Look at the changes in the surrounding rosy clouds .

      Drive out 10 You can reach a completely strange world in minutes : Wild ducks swim around in the wetland between water and grass , The lotus in the lotus pond is blooming , Under the fan, the salt fields are connected with gullies , A bumper harvest is in sight ……. Every place brings new joy and new harvest .

    Feel with your heart and find , Everywhere is the scenery .

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