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I'm not crazy. I just want to burst

2021-09-01 11:29:35 Life journey

The night is as cool as water .

It has a long flowering period and strong vitality , From early summer to late autumn , Not afraid of the scorching sun , Not afraid of cold . But a rain , The flamboyant Lingxiao flowers are scattered all over the ground , Lonely and desolate .

It's drizzling , The ground is slippery , A little girl who insisted on going out to play , She was held by the wide palm of her father who held an umbrella for her , The young father has a spoiled face , That proud and willful little girl must be very happy ?

Erya was discharged , Just four days , Compared with the weak and thrilling first child , This time it's obviously a lot tougher .

Mother has lived in her house for more than 20 days , Dad never hurried her home in disguise . Unlike me , The first day of life , Dad called mom :“ My mother-in-law is , What are you doing there ?”

I don't know what Dad's psychology is , There are obvious boundaries between mother-in-law's family and mother's family , The girl's children can or can't take , The children of the son's family must take . But the girl and the girl are not the same ? He thinks our husband and wife are harmonious , Life is stable , Never mind .

When Dabao was over a year old , Under the repeated invitation of the company leaders, I want to go back to work , He nervously sent Dabao to his mother's house , Visit after work every day . More than a week , Dad told me to ask my mother-in-law to replace her with my mother , Look, mom, I'm very tired these days .

I know Mom is not well , I feel guilty all the time , You shouldn't let the old man suffer . But my mother-in-law's body , It's Amitabha that no one will serve us , How can you bring children ?

therefore , But ten days , Finish the work at hand , After discussing with brother black , I quit completely , With “ In the end, I can't live without you ” It's over , Pretend to be a “ Long feeling ” My mother …… From now on , There is no intersection with companies that have worked for more than seven years .

After Dabao entered the park , I found a nearby place to work , No delay in picking up the children . Two years later, I was pregnant with Xiaobao , There is still one month before the due date .

Faced with moving to a new home , Pick up every day , Packing and packing , Wash and rinse , Keep busy , And frequent trips to and from the hospital , Visit Erya who is in hospital .

Maybe I'm too careless , I don't feel tired , I forgot that I was pregnant for more than eight months …… A week after moving , I just took a bath in the evening , Sit on the sofa and read picture books with Dabao , A crash , The amniotic fluid poured all over the ground , Xiao Bao checked in more than 20 days in advance .

After sister-in-law Yue left , Black brother goes to work , I'm really alone . Shit every day , children 、 The housework , Push the small one to the big one , I didn't know how to drive , In case of wind and rain, you have to take a taxi .

In the past the , It's all over. . I told myself again and again :“ Can stand loneliness , To keep the prosperity . All successful people , It's always going through a period without support 、 The dark days without help , And this time , It's the key stage of self precipitation . Like the darkness before dawn , Survive , It's dawn ……”

That's true. , The path you choose , Kneeling and going down ; That's true. , All the second and third mothers come like that .

That's true. , Erya sent her children to grandma's house on weekends and holidays , That's true. , Parents often sneak to my sister's house to help her look after her children .

That's true. ,“ Crying children have sugar to eat , And sensible children can only seriously complete the task , Toe the mark , Fight for sugar with perfect performance …… A sensible child , Always good enough to hurt people .”

That's true. , I can take two children alone . That's true. , These years, our family bought houses, renovated houses, bought cars, bought cars, bought parking spaces , It's all the hard work of brother hei .

I know everything , I just don't say .

A sensible child , Just keep silent ! Just be sensible all the time .

I've been spoiled most since I was a child , My parents don't even talk hard to me , But those are a thorn in my heart , Pull it out in pain , The mark is still there .

Those days of panic , Let yourself grow , Who doesn't learn to be strong while getting hurt ?

That's true. , I've always had invisible wings .

My mother told me that the family next to Erya was not bored to make a month of decoration ? I just smile .

Only one family member is allowed to accompany Erya on the day she is hospitalized , Her mother-in-law didn't do a nuclear examination. The hospital wouldn't let her in , Mom is in a hurry , Forget when I have a treasure , Black brother served me all month , Take good care of me , After a month , He lost more than ten pounds .

Looking at the messy living room , The two babies who have been noisy and their ears buzzing , Repeated reminders failed , I suddenly lost control of the remote control , He threw his hair down on the table and began to cry .

At the time , I was shocked by my hysterical and ferocious look .

Think of a story I've seen :

One deep night , A big brother is “ Sprinkling ” Fight hard . However , The object of the fight with him was a roadside “ Stump ”. He fell and got up again , Fall and get up ……

I said , See this picture , I smiled and cried . Isn't this big brother each of us ? That stump is “ life ”.

We've fought life so many times , Every time I fell, my face was black and blue . But you still have to stand up , Pat the dust on your body , Yell at the past : I didn't lose , We'll fight again tomorrow !“ The more stable the mother is , The more peaceful the child's heart is , The better you read , The more harmonious the home is .” Parents don't need much “ High intelligence quotient ”、 How “ rich ”. calm 、 Emotionally stable parents , Is the best starting line for children .

That's true. , I know .

I'm not crazy , Just want to burst , Just a burst .

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