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Qinling main peak_ A trip to Taibai Mountain (5)

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      Taibai Mountain Forest Park is a national park 5A Class ii tourist attractions , The area of the park 2949 ha , There are ten scenic spots ,180 A scenic spot , It can be seen that the scale of Taibai Mountain Forest Park !

      Four hours in the morning ( Including sightseeing bus and walking ), Visit some scenic spots of tangyuhe Canyon Taibai Mountain Forest Park .

      Noon 12 O 'clock , Take the cable car from Tianxia cableway to SHANGZHAN . Get off the cable car , The cool wind is blowing , It feels like late autumn , Feel cold . We came to the passenger Hall , Take out the autumn coat from your backpack and put it on immediately . Many tourists rent down jackets here . It is necessary to rent down coats on Taibai Mountain .

      Let's eat our own food , Just go to the observation deck .

        Come to the observation deck , There are several different pictures in the field of vision ! The viewing platform can see two different landscapes on and under Taibai Mountain . There are many wonders here !

Taibai Mountain Forest Park forest sea

        Looking down , The wild virgin forest below the ropeway , It's a midsummer landscape ; Lush forests and green trees , Over the mountains ; a wild profusion of vegetation 、 Infinite vitality ; all over the mountains and plains , Green dress Phi Feng .

        Look up , The mountain behind , But I can't see a tree , But there are strange rocks all over the mountains . This is the world of stones , On the tall stone mountain , It's big and small stones . A huge stone is like a plate , Small stones are like eggs ; A dark gray stone with the same color of green , Countless , Like a riprap beach impacted by a catastrophic flood . Riprap covered the whole hillside ! I marvel at such strange scenery on Taibai Mountain ! There are so many strange rocks on the mountain ?

Glacial remains in the fourth quarter

Taibai Mountain and stone sea

      At this time , Teacher Fu said to the child :" see ! This is the stone sea !"

      Oh , This is the famous stone sea of Taibai Mountain ! It is a great wonder of Taibai Mountain ! It is the Quaternary glacial remains of Taibai Mountain !

        Looking up from the stone sea , On the upper right is a majestic stone mountain . Mighty stone mountain 、 Shifeng stands proudly , Towering and majestic , Steep peaks pierce the sky . The mountain has edges and corners , The whole is cyan gray , There are two small peaks at the top of the mountain , The side below the left peak is uphill , That is, the stone sea hillside mentioned above ! Although I don't know the name of the mountain , But this mountain has a strange landscape , spectacular !

      There are no trees on this mountain , Only sparse grass grows on the ridge and bottom of the mountain . Mountains without trees , Maybe it's because the altitude is too high , The mountains are cold , Trees can't grow ; Or maybe it's because the mountains are full of rocks , No soil , Trees can't grow . High up the mountain , Even the grass didn't grow , The bare Stone Mountain is steep and dangerous .

      There is a ridge next to the viewing platform , There is a path on the ridge , The gate of Taibai Mountain reserve is built on the ridge path . The Ridge Trail consists of hundreds of wooden steps . The wooden steps lead directly to the xiaowengong temple under the stone mountain . The distance between the viewing platform and xiaowengong temple is about 700 rice , Although not far away , It's a steep slope, wooden steps and stairways , It takes half an hour to get to .

      Ridge stairway , Pass xiaowengong temple , Connect the simple Shibian Road on the left , Obliquely across the upper part of the hillside of the opposite stone sea . It's a dangerous road , But you can cross that dangerous mountain and evil peak , Reach the flat area behind the mountain . This stone Bian path , No protective facilities such as protective net or fence are set outside , But it is the only way to climb the top of Taibai Mountain . The stone Bian path frightens me . I hope the scenic spot management department , Pay attention to building this path . Add protective facilities on both sides of the mountain road , To ensure the safety of tourists !

      From the viewing platform, you can see the shadow of people on the path at the top of the hillside, as small as ants , Go back and forth to big 、 Between Xiaowen temple .

    The great Wengong temple is invisible here , Because the great Wengong temple is far behind the stone mountain . Big 、 The two small Confucian temples are far away , It takes two hours to walk . Wengong , It's Han Yu's posthumous title , And big 、 Xiaowengong temple is a temple dedicated to the land God of Wengong . Oh , Oh, I see , Han Wengong earth God is the patron saint of Taibai Mountain , The land God of Wengong guarded the safety of Taibai Mountain !

      At noon, , The weather is fine , No wind, no rain , The clouds are thick , The sun is not strong . Thick clouds always block out the sun , But there was no sign of rain , Very suitable for mountaineering .

The observation deck

Taibai Mountain cloud sea

seas of clouds

      Look forward to the left , Overlooking the low peaks , The green mountains and valleys are all under your feet ! The vast peaks , Like the green waves of the sea , Ups and downs , The waves are surging . layer upon layer of peaks and knolls , There is no end , Stretching far away . This is the green forest sea of Taibai Mountain !

      All of a sudden , Teacher Fu pointed to the distant sky and said to the ball :" see , That's a sea of clouds !"

Taibai Mountain cloud sea

        Look in the direction of teacher fu , What a magnificent landscape ! Where the peaks meet is a sea of clouds ! White clouds fill the peaks ; White clouds are flying on the peaks , Yunshu Yunjuan ; The peak is inserted into the cloud , revealing . The sea of clouds is closely connected with the sea of forests , White and green , Clear colors , Very beautiful eyes .

      The sea of clouds is spectacular , Like brocade, soft and beautiful , Running like a river , Like the surging waves . Farther away , The rosy clouds are slowly rising , The clouds are rolling , Change form from time to time , dreaming .

    Too white sea of clouds , It is another strange landscape of Taibai Mountain !

On the viewing platform

Meixian thousand mu lotus pond

      We traveled with nine people , Live up to the beautiful scenery of Taibai Mountain , Take a group photo on the viewing platform !

      then , Climb the wooden steps and walk up . About climbing dozens of steps , You can see high , There stands a huge stone , There are four big red characters on it :" The sky is round "!

      “ The sky is round ", It's the summit of a mountain !

    In the round sky , Look up at the sky , It's like a big round pot with inverted buttons , It covers the peaks in all directions 、 On the steep mountains ! Oh, I see , Why is it called “ The sky is round !

      Then I saw the huge stone standing on the top of the mountain . Big red characters are written on both sides of the boulder . Writing on one side : Taibai Mountain, the main peak of Qinling Mountains , The North-South boundary of China . It says on the back : Chinese watershed , The northern and southern boundaries of China ! It tells us : The great Qinling Mountains are the dividing line between the north and the south of China ; Qinling Mountains stretch thousands of miles , There are countless peaks , But its main peak is Taibai Mountain ! The great Qinling Mountains are also the watershed of the great rivers . That is, the area south of Qinling Mountains belongs to the Yangtze River Basin , It has the characteristics of southern climate . The area north of Qinling Mountains belongs to the Yellow River Basin , It has the characteristics of northern climate .

      My daughter took a picture of me in front of this stone , To prove that I am here 、 Famous place !

      I'm going to climb up " The sky is round " Take a picture at the height of the boulder .

    But my grandson took my hand and said :" My grandma , Don't go up there ! I climbed up , Look down , My head was dizzy , Just hurry down . You must not go up !"

      Look at my grandson's face , Thought he was afraid of heights , Let his daughter take care of him , say :“ Sit and rest for a while , It'll be better !"

      How can I give up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to climb Jue Feng ? Besides, only four 、 Five steps , It's the peak ! I insist on climbing the boulder , Standing at the top of the mountain . There is wire protection around the peak , It's very small , There are only boulders that can hold two or three people standing . Standing on a boulder , gaze far into the distance , All sides are empty , It does feel high in the air , I'm also a little afraid of heights . therefore , Call your daughter to take a picture of me .

      At the top of the round sky , The middle and lower parts of Taibai Mountain have a panoramic view !

    The sky is round , Let me feast my eyes . Enjoy the grand scenery of Taibai Mountain here .

Seven female peaks of Taibai Mountain

        Look north , The handsome seven female peaks are reflected in my eyes . They lined up neatly , Line up ; Strewn at random have send , Dignified and elegant ; The green mountains are towering , Towering ; The peaks are tall and straight 、 aka 、 The spirit of Lingyun ; Feng Feng is unwilling to lower , be a tower of strength and be justly proud of it , Straight into the sky . Seven female peaks are like seven fairies marching down to earth , Floating in the mountains , Standing in space . This is a group of fairy mountains ! The towering seven female peaks amazed me , I'm shocked !

      I stutter 、 Pen blunt 、 Poor words , Can't use accurate 、 Appropriate 、 Beautiful language , To describe 、 Describe this vivid and magnificent picture scroll ! I exclaim , I've never seen any mountains , It is as beautiful as the seven female peaks , majestic ! The seven female peaks are the masterpieces of nature ! It's Taibai Mountain , And the most beautiful scenery around the round place ! How I want to have a pair of big arms , Take seven female peaks in your arms !

      Look around , At the foot of the mountain are countless peaks and valleys shrouded in green trees . At the foot of the vast green sea , The waves fluctuate , This is the magnificent Taibai Mountain Forest Park ! There are countless peaks at the foot . Here, let me feel the joy of the mountain as the peak . This is it. " It's going to be very close , The hills are small " Happiness !

    " The sky is round " It's the height I climbed Taibai Mountain , At an altitude of 3511 rice !

      We vowed to , Ready to continue climbing the top of the main peak of Taibai Mountain _ Pull Sendai !

      When we walk down the ridge wooden steps , Go to Taibai Mountain reserve , The altitude dropped to 3461 rice .

      If you go up the ridge again , About ten minutes to xiaowengong temple . But the grandson is still dizzy , He can't walk . It is estimated that the grandson is not afraid of heights , But lack of oxygen ! My daughter and I had to rest with him .

      The four members of Mr. Fu's family continued to climb to xiaowengong temple . My son-in-law is carrying a heavy backpack , Holding my granddaughter Ann , Also continue to climb , They all climbed up the little Confucian temple .

      However , Teacher Fu took Yangyang , My son-in-law held Ann , After climbing to xiaowengong temple , Also because of lack of oxygen , My legs are soft and I can't walk . All four of them rest in xiaowengong temple .

      Only Xiao Wang and the mother and son continued to climb the mountain . In the distance, I saw them climb over the steep stone Bian path , Climbed to the back of the stone mountain !

Taibai Mountain reserve

      My daughter and I , Because the grandson is lack of oxygen, dizzy and difficult to walk , Stranded near Taibai Mountain reserve . I saw xiaowengong Temple close at hand , But I can't climb !

      The son-in-law was unable to bring his granddaughter Ann back due to lack of oxygen . Xiaowengong temple has a signal , The granddaughter cried for her mother on the phone . therefore , I take care of my grandson to rest . The daughter quickly climbed up the Xiaogong temple , Get back to Ann... Quickly , Come down with your son-in-law .

      The five of us returned to the round sky . When climbing the wooden steps up the mountain , My daughter and I also feel lack of oxygen , It's hard to walk ! But the daughter held Ann and insisted on climbing the steps . We are all holding on , Every five or six steps , You have to take a break , Continue climbing . It's not easy to get to Tianxia cableway station .

      The son-in-law called the teacher , Tell us that we can't walk because of lack of oxygen , Prepare to go down the mountain and return . He quickly took the cable car down the mountain .

    A line of nine , Only Ms. Wang is powerful , She climbed the mountain with a ball , Go furthest . They climbed over the rocky sea and mountains , Reach the flat area behind the mountain , We marched towards the great Confucian temple for an hour . When it was an hour away from the great Wengong temple , The ball can't walk anymore . therefore , Ms. Wang had to give up the idea of climbing the main peak of Taibai Mountain , Holding the ball down the mountain .

      This climb of Taibai Mountain , Tested the physique of nine of us , Xiao Wang, who often likes exercise, has a better physique , Worth learning .

      Listen to the people down the mountain : Taibai mountain goes up from here , The temperature is getting colder , No trees, no grass , It's desolate . There are more and more stone seas , The strange stones are getting bigger and bigger . The Taibai cloud sea of the main peak is more beautiful , There you can see the snow on the top of the mountain . That's the famous “ Snow on Taibai Mountain in June "!

      The main peak of Qinling mountain is Taibai Mountain . The main peak of Taibai Mountain is bashentai ! The main peak of Qinling Mountains “ Pull Sendai ", At an altitude of 3771.2 rice ! It is the top of Qin Feng _ Peak !

    If I can insist on going again 260 M height , Didn't you climb the main peak of Qinling Mountain ? Ah , It's too hard for me , Because the Constitution does not support !

      It is said that pulling out Sendai was after Jiang Ziya helped Zhou Wu defeat Zhou and destroy Shang , The place where gods point immortals .

    " Pull Sendai " yes The representative scenic spot of Taibai Mountain , But I didn't arrive , Sorry !

    I don't see too white snow , Nor did I see the red birch forest belt   、 Primitive Sequoia 、 Tiangong bonsai 、 Rhododendron sea , It's all regrets .

    Think again , There are ten scenic spots in Taibai Mountain ,180 A scenic spot , How many people can swim the whole Taibai Mountain ?

    Swim to the round sky , arrive 3511 Height of meters , It is already the highest National Forest Park in China ! At least half of the landscape of Taibai mountain we watch !

    The scale of Taibai Mountain , No strong body , No three or four days , It is impossible to visit the whole Taibai Mountain scenic spot . So we should be content , Contentment makes happiness .

I use a little poem to express my mood at the moment :

Climb the Taibai Mountain , Not in vain .

At the foot of Qinling mountain , Range Rover cloud room !

The top of the heaven garden , Half the view .

Contentment makes happiness , Can't be too sorry !

    5:30 p.m , We went back to the hotel . Mr. Fu's family is still on the top of Taibai . 

      At half past eight , Mr. Fu's family returned safely , Come to the hotel and have dinner with us !

      Tour Taibai Mountain , Feel a lot , Feel a lot : There are so many charming rivers and mountains in the motherland ! Taibai Mountain in Qinling Mountains is so magnificent ! Taibai Mountain is in Shaanxi , As the daughter of Sanqin , How can I not be proud , Not proud ? I hope to climb the main peak of Qinling mountain again _ Taibai mountain !


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