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September 18, 2019

2021-09-01 13:46:14 Photography

        At night, we started our “ Camellia party ”, Today's topic is “ In those years , The animation in our memory ”

        Bring up the childhood animation ” The first thing we think of must be the one who accompanied us for most of our childhood “ Joy and grey waves ”. When we were four or five years old and just became sensible , It began to show happily , Over the years , Also constantly updating one after another , The content is also different . But in recent years, joy is not often shown on TV , If you want to see it, you have to search .


        When I was a child, I was tired of reading and happy , There are more favorite “ Garden baby ” Although the whole episode doesn't have a few words , But I still enjoyed it and liked it very much .

A pig Bajie fell from the sky

          Those cartoons when I was a child , image " Bighorn dream factory ”“ Journey to the west ”“ A pig Bajie fell from the sky ”“ Smurfs "“ Spongebob ” Wait with the present “ Bear haunt " By comparison , What we saw when we were children was also rich in content .

Now look at the diary you wrote before , Some articles and words are really childish , Like a kid

( Junior high school diary sorting )

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