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Essays (69)

2021-09-01 13:46:41 Photography

      Take advantage of the sunny day to do some private business in Kuixing Lou Street , Half an hour's bus , There are more passengers up and down than expected . Maybe it's past the rush hour , Look left and right, mostly middle-aged and elderly , All are wearing masks , More than a year's experience in epidemic prevention , Citizens' awareness of self-defense has increased significantly . There are not many customers in the office , After entering the electronic cabinet and taking the number , Soon I heard a soft bugle . Now business handling is basically electronic , I saw the operator's hands crack skillfully , Then follow the prompts to confirm your identity , Sign to confirm what you have done OK 了 .

      Baidu map to view the surrounding scenic spots , Chengdu's famous network red punch in place “ Width alley ” It's nearby . How close is it ? It's about 800 meters , Through the streets, but 20 minute . Close to noon, restaurants in the streets smell , Attractive shops one after another , Just look up and don't want to take it back . Although the temptation is hard to resist , However, at this age, I'm always a little weak , delicious 、 What you want to eat , The taste changes in your mouth , It feels like that . What's going on ? I seem to have realized something recently , It's not that the food itself is not delicious , It's because I've been saturated and have little sense of hunger , Is the taste began to dull, used to rake and light . People , It's better to be young , Everything smells good 、 Everything is delicious , Now it's like a dream .

      I've been to Kuanzhai alley many times , In a twinkling of an eye, we came to the front door . Is this the front door you used to go through every time ? I looked at the desolation in front of the door , Start to doubt your memory . On one side, my wife pointed to the door 、 that , Make sure we're in the right place , But the square in front of the door lacks a show stage , But there are fewer people inside and outside the entrance . But it is also relatively speaking that there are few people , If what I saw before was a flood of people , Now there is an endless stream . Most tourists are young people , It's like returning to school ; Recognize the accent, southern accent and northern accent , Obviously not only locals . Wide alley without so many tourists 、 Narrow alley 、 Jingxiangzi , Although the streets are still those streets , Houses or those houses , Landscape or those landscapes , But it does feel very different . What are the big differences ? That is the simplicity of the ancient lane , The historical charm of the old house can be smelled , The poetry and painting masked by noise reappeared . And it feels very comfortable , Especially good !

( The illustration of this article is taken by the author in Kuanzhai alley, Chengdu )

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