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There's something on your mind. I think you can know

2021-09-01 15:07:27 Photography

If only time could be turned back , I want to go back to my senior year . The reason why I miss senior three , Because of a teenager . I still remember , Young eyes , Bright and clear , There is not a trace of impurity , Just like the shining stars . It is these eyes , Give me a glimpse of ten thousand years , Deep fall . However, I was very ordinary at that time , The bright him sets off how dark I am . Every time I saw him , While secretly enjoying , There will also be a strong sense of inferiority . My night sky is always bright , There are few stars after meeting him . That year , My happiest thing every day is to look forward to meeting him by chance , Speaking of it, we really have a lot of fate , He and I are not in the same teaching building , We don't know each other, but we often meet , Of course , He may never know my existence .

Memory is a way to meet .

No one knows what I like about him . He is my joy , It's also my regret . I really want to tell him , My hidden mind .

Love is not long company , Love needs no words .

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