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I can't write anything

2021-09-01 15:10:24 Photography

    This few days , I wrote a lot . however , I didn't send one .

  Although writing can eliminate loneliness . But it can also be more blocked . Although there are many words held in my heart , But say how .

    I know you, needless to say , Also know its taste . I don't know. I've said a lot, but the opposite . You know what you know... If you don't say it , I don't understand what you said. It's useless to break the sky .

    Don't spit out if you have something to say , Vomiting too much can be annoying . Time is the best medicine , Enough running in is habit .

  To be a man, you have to learn to accept , Because living in this world , Skills without living children can only be eliminated . Not saying shut up may be part of the survival skills . To survive in any field, you have to learn the skills of this field . or " you ″ It will be more ugly .

  Some people just say , Think that all the places in the world are fair and reasonable places to complain and judge . You are wrong , There should be reasonable places and people , Without this place and people, you will ignore . This will ask you to look for the right person to say . The venue is not right, people are not face to face, and you will have more grievances .



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