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Listen to your heart

2021-09-01 15:27:57 Literary frequency modulation

There are many voices in our hearts , Which one do you think ? sometimes , The inner voice should follow the outside world , Follow people other than yourself , Because of a lot of things , You can't control yourself . In such a time , I belittle myself , Or can you find yourself a new way out and space ?

Life is lonely , Even with family 、 A loved one 、 Lover , But you can understand yourself best , After all, it's just yourself , People also need certain survival skills , At least take care of your skills , In this case , You can ensure that you can live well only when you are yourself , No matter in life , Or spiritually , Can let oneself accompany oneself through , Be able to let go of being a creature , An elf worthy of love and care . People should also make all kinds of preparations , It may be the downfall of life , Such as unemployment , Such as a sharp drop in income , For example, with the growth of age, there are various crises and even real depression , Will directly let us fall into the unprepared vortex of life , In that case , What kind of self should I be ?

People are born lonely , Wait until you leave the world , Should still be alone . So don't be afraid of losing company , Don't be afraid to lose care , Even without these , Don't people live the same way ?

Actually , Is to strive to build yourself , The courage to face life , No matter what happens , Must be able to hold on , Be able to manage yourself well , Can eat well , Sleep well , Put yourself worthy of love , hobby , Like your own children , To love and take care of her .

Life is beautiful , There is also a cruel and cold side , Also rely on our inner beauty to support . When the power you have may not hold your sadness or pain , You have to open your rich and tenacious heart , Come and embrace your lonely self , And your own abundance and tenacity , From your love of life , A collection of beautiful , And these beautiful , You need to create it yourself , To build , To prepare .

From the little things in life , Little warmth , To find these beautiful , To find these beautiful , To feel your greatness , To deal with those dark and sad emotions and days , Let yourself out , Go out , Especially now that we are not young , that , The rest of life given to us , It's so precious , So precious , What reason do we have to waste our precious life and youth ?

There are too many things in life , You can't control yourself , There are also some things you can grasp , But I don't grasp the opportunity , It's not a good grasp , Causing loss or loss , Even then , Don't blame yourself too much , If this causes difficulties in life , Please also be considerate of yourself , Forgive yourself .

Bad memory , Don't look back , The future can be expected , Just look forward to . In fact, the process of our living , I feel that I have tried my best to people and things , Such a self , Is worthy of praise .

Some things can't be changed , Let's not think about it , Some people can't change , Whether it's themselves , Or let's push , It's hard for them to change , Then let him go .

Happiness depends on yourself , Brilliance still depends on your own creation .

It's like trying to convince yourself of something , Still need persuasion ? Life just wants to be good , Is it so difficult , Maybe it's your own trouble . Do what you have to do , Is the immediate priority , It's something that must be done , Other , Is not important .

As a woman , It's also to manage yourself well , Better than all sentimentality .

Do what you want to do , You should give yourself a big hug and encouragement .

The rest , Leave it to God .

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