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Five laws in summer Poetry

2021-09-01 15:51:03 Life journey

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Gloomy Du Ministry , Qi Huaiwen eight chants .

The sky is sweating with the rain , Wine is in the heart .

Thinking in the sun, shadow and cloud , Sound feeling refers to the piano .

Pastoral poetry in the summer , Nocturne Wuxi deep .

notes : The first sentence is not rhymed .

Du Gong bu , Du Fu's nickname .

Wen Bayin , The tang dynasty Poet wen tingyun My nickname . Old title The song dynasty You vast 《 All Tang poetry · wen tingyun 》:“ Ting Yun Brilliant , Work in Xiaofu , Every test , Charge official rhyme to make fu , All eight pronged hands and eight rhymes , Time number Warm Octopus .”

Wuxi deep , The name of the ancient song . Jin Cui Bao 《 Ancient and modern notes · music 》:“《 Wuxi deep 》, But conqueror of northern Viet Nam What the southern expedition did . Help Disciple So parasitic Good at playing the flute , Help Make a song with it , called 《 Wuxi deep 》.

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