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2021-09-01 16:09:50 Literary frequency modulation

I listened to the buzzing of flies

An agitated heart cannot be calm

I watched the birds fly across the courtyard sky

A few wisps of breeze soothed the soul

I watched the seeds float to the eaves and settle down

The accumulated dust stops for life

If the wind is strong , It lay on the ground and couldn't move

If the rain gets angry , Crackling away its peace

If the sun gets angry with it anxiously

The scorching sun for three days sent it all the way west

Life is an untouchable touch

Sparrows chirp and compete with the sun and moon

Flowers flatter the lonely Fang of the world

What is moving ?

What is ruthlessness ?

What is a hysterical sound ?

The unthinkable fly mocks again

Some people choose to get out of the dirty place

Someone penetrates his body into the gods

Some people let mosquito repellents run rampant

There is life and death

One flower, one world, praise to who

It's better to transcend the dead with a great mercy mantra

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