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Endless power

2021-09-01 16:12:38 Photography

    When disaster comes , I always feel very unlucky . I haven't done anything wrong. I've always been kind to the people around me , Why is everything always going wrong along the way …… Calm down and look back and forth at the road you have walked and the ridge you have crossed , It turns out that I haven't reflected on myself in my heart ; Not only the present but also the past , Let complaining become a habit , Shirking responsibility and avoiding excuses have become the key to life “ passageway ”.

    My friends always call me these two days , Tell me that my friend who is my best friend deceived me , And also suffered heavy financial losses, which is very distressing . Her so-called friends rely on her kindness and trust in friendship , Lying makes my friends almost destitute , The family suffered huge economic losses …… It has been nearly two months , But the harm can make people hospitalized and have physical problems . The boat of friendship was turned upside down , Every day I still look up and look down , It's embarrassing . In the face of huge debt , Let her be the first two big ; I have to say that people's emotions still have a great impact on their bodies , Great joy and great sorrow are not good , A good attitude is very important .

      The one who hurt you between friends , Always let you see the truth and push you forward ; There are many disasters in life , We just don't know ourselves . Having endless power is to let go of some unwilling , Forgive something that you used to hold on to deeply . Resolve what you don't understand in your inner struggle , Although we are cheated because of our simple kindness or wrong choice, we get ourselves into trouble , I can't extricate myself from losing my fighting spirit ; But only their own hearts to accept , Dare to face to save yourself .

    I'm on the other end of the phone , It can only comfort her to adjust her mind , It's good for recovery after illness. Be open to everything . Honesty between friends , In such a complex society, we are all accepting the test of human nature .

    With a grateful heart , Thanks to have you ! Thank the people who make us sad and hurt us in life ; They let us see the essence of things , The heart becomes strong and grows unconsciously . At the same time, we also thank those who have guided us and helped us all the way in life , Let us believe that there is goodness and beauty in this world , I firmly believe that there is an endless power in my heart , No matter what the reality is , All move forward !

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