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"Pen tip" is crying, I am sad!

2021-09-01 16:18:47 Photography

The demolition of the East extension section of Yingze street in Taiyuan is advancing in an orderly way , Shuangta'er road involves many residential buildings that affect the construction , It is said that , Yes 28 There are so many buildings , Also in front of the powerful demolition machinery, one by one fell down and became a mound of rubble . Qing Yun 、 flat ground 、 measurement 、 Follow up the construction procedures such as excavation of foundation pit one by one .

Demolition site 1

Demolition site 2

There is a middle school in the middle of shuangta'er road —— Taiyuan City 52 in , The predecessor is Taiyuan railway No. 2 middle school , Also my alma mater , She is located on the north side of the huge demolition site , Red buildings on campus 、 Green trees and white walls , In particular, a stainless steel sculpture with a huge pen tip shape with iconic and visual impact effect stands upright on the roof of the school guard on the west side of the gate , With the surrounding loess everywhere 、 The pit is bare 、 The scene of construction machinery shuttling back and forth forms a strong contrast , She is like a great general who stays calm in the face of danger , Dazzling .

Taiyuan City 52 The main teaching building of middle school

Stainless steel sculpture with pen tip

Taiyuan No 52 A few large gilded signs in middle school are carved on black marble wall tiles, about 6 rice , Be lenient 1 rice , Gao Yue 1.7 Meters of brick structure , All those who pass by will involuntarily pay attention to the eye ceremony ; Inside the gate , On both sides of the road leading to the main teaching building , The tall locust trees are full of vitality and vicissitudes , luxuriant , Like a selfless and broad arms, eager to embrace students who come to seek knowledge .

Taiyuan No 52 High school gate

I often pass by here , Every time I walk in front of the campus , Never forget to look at the stainless steel sculpture with the tip of the pen , Although I don't know when it was built , I don't know which designer made it , More ominous is the designer's original design intention and planning background , It doesn't seem to matter to me , But my love is nothing more than the feelings of my alma mater .

Times have changed , The years away , Whether it is the predecessor of Taiyuan railway No. 2 middle school , Later generations are the first in Taiyuan 52 High school , But it is my alma mater, but it is an iron fact , Last century 80 I graduated here in the s .

Great changes have taken place in my alma mater now , Let me be happy , be moved by what one sees , Mixed feelings , The picture of studying here as a teenager is as clear as a handful of spring water in front of me , transparent , be visible before the eyes , Be vividly portrayed .

It is said that , The construction of the East extension section of Yingze street in Taiyuan will retain the school , My alma mater is not within the scope of demolition , My heart seems to calm down a little , A little more comfortable .

Time passes silently , All things are natural and follow a certain development track .

8 month 12 The morning of 9 More than one o'clock , When I passed the demolition site again , Inadvertently looking at the school gate again , But I vaguely found someone standing on the building of the school gate, swinging a sledgehammer and hitting the sculpture shaped like a pen tip , I was stunned , Take a quick step forward to see what happened , Indeed , There is really a worker wearing a hard hat hitting the cement base of the sculpture with a sledgehammer , The hammer fell down , issue “ Dong Dong Dong ” The sound , Instead of mercilessly hitting again and again , A hammer hit him , Let's say 、 Tormenting my heart again and again . I feel pain for my powerlessness , The only strength I have can only restrain the excessive excitement caused by pain in my heart , The only strength can only use helplessness to cover up my cowardice , My greatest strength is not to show anger and go to ask the reason .

A worker in a hard hat is hitting the cement base of the sculpture with a sledgehammer

Originally, according to the exploration and survey of the construction road , Taiyuan City 52 The south side of the middle school campus is within the construction red line , It needs to be moved north as a whole 25 rice , that , The school gate and the stainless steel sculpture with pen tip shape must be within the scope of demolition . I can't watch it anymore , Turn around and go , The sound of sledgehammer falling still came from behind ……. The tip of the pen is crying , And I'm sad .

Afternoon , The mood is still uneasy and uneasy , Driven by this mood , Once again came to the demolition site , The stainless steel sculpture with the pen tip, which once embodied teaching and education in time, has lost its tall and straight posture in the past , Lonely and helpless in a corner of the campus , Silence is better than sound, as if telling of being demolished 、 Abandoned injustice and injustice .

In addition to me , Two others were also watching nearby , Seems to want to read some stories from her , And I can imagine my mood at this time , In addition to regret, the rest is sobbing .

The stainless steel sculpture at the tip of the pen has lost its tall and straight posture in the past , Lonely and helpless in a corner of the campus

The height of the stainless steel sculpture on the tip of the pen is about 1.7 rice , The width is about 0.7 rice , The thickness is about 0.25 rice , The end of the pen tip is in the shape of a ball, about the diameter 0.12 rice , Whole Pen tip stainless steel sculpture The bottom consists of a diameter 0.8 rice , Thickness is 0.06 Meters of round iron plate connected , Under the iron plate of the base, there is also a cement cylinder with equivalent diameter as the foundation base , such , The pen tip stainless steel sculpture has about 2 There are more than meters , I was told by one of the masters surnamed Jin .

The end of the pen tip is in the shape of a ball, about the diameter 0.12 rice

I looked at the... Lying on the ground “ pen nib ” sculpture , I really want to give it a little care and comfort , Whether they understand it or not . But want to again and again and again , These ideas are too childish , It's ridiculous , Too pale , Too weak , Too mean .

As the saying goes , The old ones don't go , New don't come , One day , Maybe when the East extension of Yingze street and Metro Line 1 in Taiyuan were opened to traffic , Maybe earlier , Taiyuan City 52 The gate of middle school will be more atmospheric , beautiful , Attract the eyes of me and passers-by with better design and modeling …….

By that time , The road is wide , The environment is beautiful , The traffic is more developed , People travel more conveniently , Taiyuan No 52 The middle school is located on the main line of Yingze street in Taiyuan , It's also the only one that frequents “ Sanjin First Street ” Middle school on Yingze Street , Right place, right time , The school will become the dream of countless students 、 Home of growth .

Think of it here. , There was a faint joy in my heart , Yeah ! Now, although the surrounding environment is a little messy , but “ It's winter , Can spring be far behind ?” I look forward to 、 Looking forward to ……. May everything be well in your alma mater !

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