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Wang Yuan took photos of his work meal and released it. The purple hair style is "beautiful shark", which has a good picture effect

2021-09-01 16:21:17 Tencent Entertainment

TFBOYS It can be said to accompany 00 And after 90 The men's group that grew up together after , Although when he came out TFBOYS The three children in the are not old , But the youthful vitality shown , A lot of people are motivated by their vitality , It's a very energetic singing group .

Although now TFBOYS It has rarely been in the same frame , I used to grow up with you “ Three little ones ”, Now fly alone , But everyone is developing fairly well , I won't let many aunts and sisters down , It is still popular all over the country “ Top stream artist ”.

As TFBOYS One of the group members , Wang Yuan has always been the focus of attention , Although he is a child star , In the entertainment industry for so many years , In terms of professional ability, it's not too much for an elder , But he has always been very low-key and modest , No big name at all .

Now Wang Yuan is very popular in the circle , Often active on all stages , Participate in many reality shows , Business capability is recognized . The external evaluation of Wang Yuan is also mostly “ High EQ ”、“ Will talk ”, Although the activity is not high , But every speech is thoughtful .

Wang Yuan took pictures of his work meal and released , Purple highlights “ Beautiful shark ”, The effect of the drawing is good . From the little boy in the past to the tall and handsome boy now , When Wang Yuan grows up, he becomes more and more mature and charming , In the entertainment industry for many years , Fashion taste is outstanding .

Recently, Wang Yuan's work photo released , This suit look It's very handsome and eye-catching , Purple hair highlights beauty and temperament , Even the raw picture effect is very good ; Blue long sleeved coat with print T Inside shirt , Plus black casual pants , Handsome and eye-catching, personalized .

white shirt + A pair of jeans

This collocation formula is the most common fashion style , It's comparable to a black suit , But it's hard for others to have high appearance and good temperament , Even put a sack on the street , Some people will think it's a new fashion , This time Wang Yuan wore a white shirt with jeans , It looks very refreshing and handsome .

This shirt is pure white , The most concise and simple version , No extra pendants , With blue jeans , It looks natural , It's still very juvenile .

shirt + Suit pants

Shirts are really a versatile fashion piece , It's like in all kinds of clothes look It's very common in , This time Wang Yuan appeared in a light blue shirt , After matching with suit pants , It is also a very simple and casual fashion style , Looks capable and atmospheric .

The light blue shirt version is relatively simple , Plain color pieces are also very fresh and natural style , Wear with grey green suit pants , Tuck the hem into your trousers , It looks simple and capable , And better highlight his youthful flavor , Full of youthful temperament .

Simple casual clothes look fashionable

Although standing on the stage , But Wang Yuan's stage style route is more tender , Not particularly cracked , But he's handsome ; Light brown casual coat is loose and generous , Black Pullover as an interior , Light color printing pattern embellishment is full of fashion highlights , With a pair of black jeans , It looks fresh and generous , And handsome and charming .


although 2000 Wang Yuan, born in , Now 20 s , But the business ability is very excellent , It takes a long time to enter the circle , The future development potential in the entertainment industry is still very high . His fashion clothes are highly praised , I wonder if everyone will like it ?

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