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The immortal clothes are dyed blue in the sky, begging the world to look at dawn

2021-09-01 16:22:56 Photography

Walking in the early morning , I see the blue sky in my heart , Cool is my favorite color . The morning glory on the roadside probably heard my heart , Don't let me Go and see her color .

The way they swing in the wind , lovely . It is said that the blue morning glory is a fairy dress woven by the weaver girl for the cowherd .

The flower language of morning glory is that love is eternal . There is a poem by Qin Guan 《 Morning glory 》.

Morning glory song · Qin guan

At the beginning of the silver and Han Dynasties, the leak wants to be broken , Bu Xu people lean on the jade appendix . Fairy clothes are dyed blue in the sky , Begging and looking at the dawn .

I thought these pink ones were morning glory , It turns out that they are Convolvulus , Gentle pink , It's beautiful . They look so much like morning glory , the It is also called wild morning glory , It's also called noodle root vine . The world of plants is too rich , There are many similar flowers .

There is a white five pointed star in the middle of them , Looks very nice . It turns out that they are a kind of medicinal material , It has a certain analgesic effect . interesting , It's so interesting .

The little white flower next to me successfully attracted my attention , It was called wild watermelon seedling , But it won't bear watermelon . It's a kind of Medicine , It can clear away heat and poison , Dispelling Wind dehumidification , Quench thirst, diuresis, etc .

It's so interesting , Many flowers and plants we don't know have medicinal value . I prefer some of its other names , such as : Xiangling grass , Little okra .

The car hasn't come yet , I found a melon in the middle of the green grass , Just started to knot melons , It's covered in a big piece , I have many small melons . If it weren't for worry Missed the bus , I must count how many melons it has produced . This process is much more interesting than reading .

Many magpies are walking on the grass , There are some white birds by the water , Sometimes they fly up and play for a while .

The last time I waited for the bus , The pumping unit is working normally . There are workers repairing today .

This morning , On the road, cars come and go , People at work are in a hurry , Flowers are blooming in the green belt , The melon is growing , The autumn water is flowing , Birds are free Step , Sanitation workers are sweeping the floor , Workers are repairing , All this is harmonious and beautiful .

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