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We should be resolute in arranging work

2021-09-01 16:27:45 Life journey

Because of a job this afternoon , When arranging other units , The deployment is not specific , The responsible unit has some prevarication , Let's take the lead , I didn't remember the responsibility in time, decisively and clearly , The leader of score management quickly added and emphasized his responsibilities , To successfully promote this work . After the event , The leader reminded me not to be too soft in my future work , Be bold and decisive , Avoid affecting the progress of work .

I reflect on it , The main reason is that the preliminary plan is not specific , I'm a little worried about the assigned unit , So that they dare not dare to hand over their work to others . meanwhile , I still don't want to offend others , The attitude is not firm , Make others feel there is room for bargaining .

Regarding this , In the future, we should be bold and decisive in Management . Do that , First, get familiar with the situation in advance , Make clear the plan ; Second, the purpose should be clear , Only when you know your goal can you dare to express ; Third, the tone should be firm , Show authority , Avoid being misunderstood by others. There is room for negotiation .

Management is science , It's art , Must learn both technology , And learn skills , Combination of practice and summary , Continuously improve the management ability and level .

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