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2021-09-01 16:27:52 Life journey

        There has been a lot of expenditure recently , Money is tight , People are also nervous , Scratched his head and thought about where his money was distributed , What money can be found to use . Find a serious problem , Some of the funds in hand are seriously idle , such as , The housing provident fund lay quietly in the bank for several years , If you use the money , Repay the mortgage in advance or put it in yu'e Bao , It can generate thousands of dollars .

      While shaking , Take a look at your life , Found a lot of idle things .

      Children have a lot of things at home , There are many pairs of shoes of similar size , There are many toys , There are many sets of tableware , Multiple water cups , There are many sets of clothes in the same season . Children grow up faster , A few months is the same , It's often that the current clothes don't fit well after a few months , The toys you like now won't be interested in after a while , Children are growing up , No qualitative , Constant change , This is the basic fact , Under this premise , There is still a wide range of idle .

        Adult clothes 、 Shoes stuffed the cupboard , Fill the box , This phenomenon may be common in many families . Buy and wear and don't like it , After a while, it doesn't conform to the trend , Buy whatever you like , And so on , Cause us to feel that clothes will never fit , There is always a satisfactory... In the wardrobe , As that sentence describes “ A woman's wardrobe is always short of a dress , There is always a pair of shoes in the shoe cabinet ”, It's like walking on an expanding road , Walking on an unrestrained and endless road , Desire is expanding , The cabinet is expanding , But there is a missing piece in my heart .

        I bought one book after another , The cabinet can't hold , Just under the bed . Always want to read new books , Always want to learn new things , Always want to strengthen learning , I always want to find something I'm interested in , There are always various reasons to buy books , So that books are flooded at home . Of course, I would like to drown in the ocean of books all my life , Of course I'm willing to keep learning new things , Constantly polish your skills , Enjoy reading and learning . however , There are some problems , firstly , Most books , I'm just looking , Once you've seen it, you'll almost never see it again , All that happiness 、 Sentiment 、 Cognition and so on just stay in the mind for a short time and disappear without a trace , Stay completely in the pleasure stage , It's far from being used for me , in other words , Read a book , But no knowledge , Did not improve cognition , Not used , Did not create any value , second , In what I'm more interested in 、 The field of reading intermittently over the years , Insufficient focus , No breakthrough , Most areas are still half baked 、 The degree of low-level amateurs , Typical is English 、 Literature, etc , English book , I bought a lot , On the cell phone APP not a few , Three days fishing, two days drying nets to learn , Never been able to use , Never learned , It's like climbing a mountain alone , Lost on the hillside , I've never been to the top of the mountain , Literature books , I bought a lot , There are also many e-books , Lost in poetry , I've been fascinated by prose , I've been fascinated by novels , My writing level has not improved much , Wrote poetry , no , Wrote a diary , no , I've blogged , no , No popular works , Have you ever written works highly praised by professionals , I didn't write many works to my satisfaction .

        Chuang Tzu said , My life is long , And knowledge is limitless . With the boundless, with the boundless , Almost already ! He who has been known , It's just about ! There is no near name for goodness , There is no near punishment for evil , Yuan Du thought that the Sutra , You can protect yourself , You can live your whole life , You can raise your parents , It can last for years . I don't quite agree with that , One side , The function of reading is to seek knowledge , This is the most important point , On the other hand , I am willing to roam in the ocean of knowledge , Even moths to the fire 、 Jingwei will not hesitate to reclaim the sea .

          I learned the story of monkeys moving Baogu in primary school , The monkey is lost in the ocean of fruit , Pick fruits everywhere , Throw away the old fruit and pick the new fruit at the next place , After long , The story has not been forgotten , The mistakes made by the monkey in the story are repeated again and again . In the sea of books , Has caused a lot of idle , Time is not used on the blade , It's like fishing in the sea , All over the place , I don't know how to chase fish , I'm not interested in 、 Go deep in the direction you like 、 Keep reading . Life is limited , If you travel in the sea of books for decades , Finally came back empty handed , Isn't it a tragedy .

          The reasons for idleness are :1、 Too many overlapping objects ,2、 Low usage ,3、 lazy 、 Lack of self-discipline and so on .

          Measures to prevent idling :1、 Use one thing more , such as , Few people watch TV now , Basically playing with mobile phones 、 Mainly playing computer , Television has become a dispensable ornament ,2、 Buy... By rent , such as , Work is close to the unit , You can take the bus and subway , There is no need to buy a car , Go far away , You can charter a car 、 Take didi bus, etc ,3、 Reduce unnecessary items , such as , One glass of water is enough , Drink coffee occasionally 、 Tea, etc , It is not necessary to configure the corresponding equipment , Can be used instead of containers ,4、 Second hand goods are regularly eliminated or reused , Second hand books can be sold on more fish , Second hand clothes can be donated ,5、 Change your mind , Like does not have to have , Having is not necessarily useful ,less is more, delicate 、 A minimalist life is worth trying ,6、 Focus on the object , Regular inspection , such as , Time 、 The direction of reading , Whatever you like, try to invest more time in this direction , Read more books on this , Instead of spending a lot of time chatting 、 Look at the circle of friends 、 Tiktok , Concentration is a habit , Being immersed in one thing for a long time will naturally evolve into a habit , Only one thing can be raised from carelessness to readiness , From informal to formal , From amateur to professional , Will produce valuable results and significance , otherwise , Is to use time to wash sand , Instead of panning for gold .

          To reduce idleness is to reduce waste , Only by reducing waste can we give full play to the value of resources . From idle to use , There is a long way from utilization to efficient utilization , We need to change . You can put forward a principle , We should make use of those with low value , High value should be used efficiently , clothes 、 Daily necessities are of low value , Time 、 Big money 、 Important books are of low value .

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